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Evelyn Lozada is an American television personality, model, spokesperson, and entrepreneur. She was one of the main cast of the Vh1 series Basketball wives. She has been in several relations but chose to marry only once, which ended up being a very short marriage as she divorced the same year of their marriage.

Evelyn is now the star of her show, Livin’ Lozada. She has even launched a jewelry line of earrings.

Evelyn Lozada Early Life

Born on December 10, 1975, Evelyn is currently 43 years old. She was born to parents Nengo Lozada and Sylvia Ferrer in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Evelyn also has a sister along with whom she grew up in the care of her mother in the Bronx.

There is no clear information addressing her education. Also, she had to work from a young age to make ends meet. She was raised single-handedly by her mother; perhaps that is why she is very attached to her mother. Evelyn’s ancestors are Puerto Rican. She grew up as a Roman Catholic.

In 2007, Evelyn moved to Miami, where she worked as a secretary for an entertainment attorney. She later went on to be a co-owner of the Dulce, a shoe boutique in Coral Gables, Florida.

Evelyn Lozada, Dating and Career

Evelyn was one of the first stars of the VH1 show Basketball Wives; she got into the show because she was dating Antoine Walker, an NBA player. She went on to gain popularity among the viewers and got more active in being a TV star. Lozada had started dating Antoine in 1998, and they were together till 2008. This long-time relation coming to a breakup was a hard thing on both Antoine and Evelyn.

Image of American TV personality, Evelyn Lozada

American TV personality, Evelyn Lozada

After some time in 2010, Evelyn started dating a football player Chad Johnson, whom she married in 2012. But as sudden as their wedding was, their divorce was also sudden. Chad was a domestic abuser and would beat Evelyn.

Evelyn filed for divorce after the cops arrested Chad. A reality TV show called Ev and Ocho, which was going to revolve around Chad and Evelyn never came to TV due to their divorce.

Image of Evelyn Lozada is currently dating with football player Chad Johnson

Evelyn Lozada is currently dating with football player Chad Johnson

After the 2012 debacle of relation with Chad Jhonson, Evelyn was feeling bleak. She even appeared on the show Iyanla: Fix My Life to get suggestions from Iyanla Vanzant. But in 2013, Evelyn started dating Carl Crawford.

They were thrilled together, so much so that they even announced their engagement in December 2013. In the year 2014, the couple had a son, and everything was going great until 2017. Carl and Evelyn called off the engagement in 2017, but it is not known if they have broken up or not.

During all this, Lozada got a TV series of her own, Livin’ Lozada. The show revolves around Evelyn and her daughter Shaniece.

Book writing

Also, in 2012, Evelyn along with her brand strategist, Courtney Parker, wrote the 2012 novel The Wives Association: Inner Circle. The novel follows a young woman who marries a football star and then forms a group of other sports wives – The Wives Association. Later in 2019, Lozada published another novel, The Perfect Date, which she co-authored with Holly Lorincz.

Evelyn Lozada’s children

Evelyn is a mother of two, one daughter and one son. She had her daughter when she was only seventeen from a live-in relationship with a man who is not disclosed anywhere. That daughter’s name is Shaniece Hairston; she was born on June 16, 1993.

Image of Evelyn Lozada with her daughter Shaniece Hairston

Evelyn Lozada with her daughter Shaniece Hairston

As for the son, Carl Crawford is the father. He was born in 2014, and his name is Carl Leo Crawford. He is five years old right now.

Evelyn Lozada Net Worth

Lozada has various sources of income as she is an active personality and has dabbled in multiple fields. She is a TV star, is into acting and has even written books or preferably novels.

Thanks to all this source, she should be earning the right amount of money. While it is unknown how much she makes monthly or yearly from all these sources, we do know her net worth. Evelyn’s net worth is about $5 million, but it is not clear as her revenue is unknown.

Lozada’s newest release The Perfect Date has yet to contribute to her net worth, and her fame is ever-growing as her show Livin’ Lozada gains popularity.

Evelyn Lozada Fast Facts

  • In December 2012, she posed for PETA’s  “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” campaign.
  • Evelyn has co-authored two books.
  • She had her first child when she was only 17, so, teen mother.
  • Evelyn was a victim of domestic violence.
  • Lozada has launched her brand of jewelry earrings
  • She is very conscious of her body weight and shares tips with her fans.
  • Evelyn has a sister Sylvia Lozada

Evelyn Lozada Wiki, Bio, Married, Dating, Husband

Name Evelyn Lozada
Date of Birth December 10, 1975
Education Unknown
Profession Tv star, actress, author, model
Spouse(s) Chad Johnson
Partner(s) Antoine Walker (1998-2008)
Carl Crawford (2013-2017)
Children Two, Shaniece Hairston, Carl Leo Crawford
Height 5ft 7 inches
Zodiac/Star sign Sagittarius
Ethnicity Puerto Rican

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