How much is Tony Beets worth?

Men and women everywhere tend to choose a safe and comfortable career. Like that of an article writer. But there are still people who choose the hard way. One of them is Tony Beets. Rocking an epic beard, Beets has been a miner in Canada for more than 30 years. The miner’s trademarks are his gold finding skills and his foul language. Ever since he was a teenager, Beets had one goal: succeed. He never doubted for a second that he would make it big, and he hit gold, literally, when he moved to Canada. The veteran miner gained his fame on Discovery’s ‘Gold Rush’ series. Rude and likable at the same time, Tony has got himself a pretty big fan base. And, of course, they’re all asking what the man’s net worth is. So let’s… mine into the guy’s past and find all about his net worth.

Tony Beets in Discovery's "Gold Rush" series

Caption: Tony Beets in Discovery’s “Gold Rush” series

Tony Beets’ net worth

Tony Beets’ net worth and wealth are majorly generated by his mining company, Tamarack Gold Resources Inc. The company’s strategy consists of identifying, acquiring, and exploring potential mineral resource land and properties. The last step is enhancing the shareholder value.

In 2010, Beets was offered the chance to appear on Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’. The show was running its second season at the time. The main subject on ‘Gold Rush’ was novice Todd Hoffman. When he joined ‘Gold Rush’ in 2010, the Dutch – Canadian advised Hoffman. Beets taught Todd that the key to successfully mine for gold is drilling test holes. Tony’s mine is one of the largest private gold mines in the territory. Every season, Beets works alongside three of his four children, as seen on the show. The Dutch – Canadian’s net worth and wealth are owed to his tough attitude and dedication to his job. He described himself as a hands-on employer. He does not give his children any special treatment. By the contrary, he said he is harder on them than he would be on any other employee.

Tony Beets has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. That’s a relatively great net worth for a miner. Beets owns a house in Compton, California, where he lives with his wife, Minnie, and their children. Together, they increase the family’s net worth through hard work and dedication, sometimes in really harsh conditions.

According to Tony, the greatest moment in his career was when he managed to revive a 75 years old mine dredge. He spent one million dollars on that dredge and no one thought it would work, except Tony. Tony estimated that the dredge could mine one million and a half dollars worth of gold in only one season.

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