DJ Martin Garrix Girlfriend, Dating history, Net Worth, Age and Bio

Even if you’re not a fan of EDM, there’s a high chance that you might have heard about Martin Garrix. Even if you don’t know who the guy is, you surely know his song ‘Animals‘. Martin Garrix is a 20 years old Dutch DJ. The young artist took the EDM scene by surprise. In 2013, he made it to the tops in several European countries. Producing hits at such a young age, Martin is considered to be one of the best future DJs in the world. The Dutch DJ loved music from a young age and learned how to play guitar as a child. He has an impressive number of fans all around the globe. Young, good looking, Martin obviously has a lot of fangirls. But how much does the DJ earn? Let’s find out what his net worth is, who he’s been dating, and if he has any girlfriend.

Before snooping into the guy’s love life, let’s see what his net worth and annual salary are.

Martin’s net worth and salary

Martin debuted in 2013 and has been one of the most successful DJs ever since. Obviously, the young artist earns a tremendous amount of money. Just like in the case of any successful person, his fans are dying to know what the guy’s net worth is. If you find yourself among them, fear not, cause we got the info you’re craving for. Martin Garrix’s net worth was a whopping $35 million dollars in 2016. That’s a pretty nice sum, eh? How about his salary? The DJ’s annual salary is almost $240 thousand dollars. He also earns about $55 thousand dollars from sponsorships and endorsements. In 2016, he ranked 7th on magazine DJ Mag’s ‘Top 10 richest DJs’. The ‘Gold Skies’ album alone earned the Dutch producer more than $350 thousand dollars. Also, the track that he released in collaboration with TV Noise,

The ‘Gold Skies’ album alone earned the Dutch producer more than $350 thousand dollars. Also, the track that he released in collaboration with TV Noise, ‘Just Some Loops’, brought Martin more than$550 thousand dollars. Another one of his best tracks is ‘Torrent’. This one got the guy about $450 thousand dollars. With these numbers so far, there’s no doubt that the young artist’s net worth will only grow.

Now that we know what his net worth and annual income are, let’s move on to more important stuff.

Martin Garrix’s dating history and girlfriend

So successful at such a young age, this Dutch DJ’s got a lot of girls wishing they were his girlfriend. That’s not a surprise, but is he actually dating anyone? No, apparently. He used to date Lynn Spoor, but that did not evolve into something more serious.

Martin Garrix and Lynn Spoor

Martin Garrix and formor girlfriend Lynn Spoor

Martin now seems to be single, so girls, you better move fast!

Best 5 songs by Martin Garrix

Martin’s most loved song right now is ”In the Name of Love’, which he produced in collaboration with Bebe Rexha. The DJ stated that Flume had a great influence on this track, which is noticeable. ‘Animals’ is the next one, being the track that brought Garrix his fame back in 2013. On the 3rd spot, we got ‘Don’t Look Down’ featuring Usher. ‘Forbidden Voices’ takes the 4th spot, followed by ‘Tremor’.

Short bio

Martin Garrix was born as Martijn Gerard Garritsen in Amstelveen, Netherlands. At the young age of 8, he was already learning how to play the guitar. The famous Tiësto inspired Garrix to pursue the DJ career after he saw Tiësto’s performance at the Olympic games in Greece. Garrix went to a production school called Herman Brood Academy and graduated in 2013. His first released track was ‘BFAM’, which he produced in collaboration with Julian Jordan. One year before graduating from the Academy, Martin won the SLAM! FM DJ of the Year Award. In 2016, he performed in LA for a non-profit organization called Fuck Cancer. That same year, he held a charity show in Mumbai. The show’s earnings were donated to Magic Bus, an organization that supports the education of children across India.


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