Hot ‘Gone Girl’ actress, Kim Dickens. Is she married? Who’s her husband?

Before being cast for the ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ in 2015, Kim Dickens has made her appearance noted in a lot of other great productions. Such are ‘Sons of Anarchy’, ‘House of Cards’, ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Gone Girl’. Starring Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris, David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ sheds light upon modern marriage’s darkest secrets. The movie begins with Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, reporting his wife’s disappearance. Kim Dickens plays the role of Rhonda Boney, the detective in charge of unearthing the truth. This role got Kim a lot of positive feedback from audiences all around the globe, as well as from movie critics. In a movie that is crawling with deceitful characters, Dickens’s Rhonda Boney stands out. She is the one who brings honesty and decency to the story.

The movie is based on Gillian Flynn’s novel with the same title. Prior to auditioning for the movie, Kim Dickens had not read the novel. Afterward, she said that during production, the novel was like a bible to her. Every time she had a scene, she looked at the book. She praised Gillian Flynn for his writing skills. Kim said that the novel provided ‘wonderful descriptions of the scenes and of Boney’, which helped her understand better the role.

Is the rumor about her being a lesbian true or is she married to a man?

Although she is a famous actress, Kim Dickens does her best to keep her personal life… personal. There are rumors that Kim is dating American singer Jill Sobule since 2008. There is no clear information about this, as not Kim nor Jill have revealed any details about their relationship status. Of course, this may only be a rumor, as the two have worked together on a few projects.

kim dickens with her girlfriend jill sobule

Kim Dickens with Jill Sobule together in an event


Kim has been married to a man before. In 1986, she was marrying Alexandre Rockwell. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for ten years, the couple divorcing in 1996. It is now said that after being single for a few years, Kim started dating Canadian entrepreneur Ken Dixon. Apparently, the two got married and had a daughter in 2000. So, about Kim’s sexual orientation, we don’t clearly know. She might be a bisexual, after all.

Short Biography

Kimberly Jan Dickens was born in Huntsville, Alabama in 1965. Her father, Justin Dickens, was a country-western singer. Kim went to high school in Huntsville and graduated from. Later, she went to Nashville to study at the Vanderbilt University, where she graduated from with Bachelor of Arts in communication. After that, she worked as a waitress in New York, while continuing her studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Kim had her stage debut while she was studying at Vanderbilt University, in a production of David Mamet’s ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago’. During the ‘90s, Dickens had a few roles which had her acting

alongside actors like Alec Baldwin, Antonio Banderas or Bruce Willis. She had the female leading roles in ‘Zero Effect’ and ‘Mercury Rising’. Later, she had several other roles, playing in CBS’s drama series, ‘Big Apple’, HBO’s ‘Deadwood’ and many other great productions. Her net worth is estimated to be of $2 million.

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