Former ESPN Hottie Reporter Kaylee Hartung Not Married To Date! Is She Engaged With Her Career Or Is She Dating Any Possible Boyfriend?

Kaylee Hartung worked as a reporter for the US sports television channel ESPN. She has made a considerable contribution to the ESPN ‘SEC Network’, being a sideline reporter for the ‘SEC Nation’ show. The show previews college football games from the Southeastern Conference. She joined ESPN in 2012 as an anchor and reporter for Longhorn Network. Prior to that, Hartung worked for as a reporter on the daily ‘Washington Unplugged’. She was also a featured correspondent for ‘Unplugged Under 40’. She was a reporter for CBS and Turner Sports’ online coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and the PGA Championship, among other events. A skilled reporter, Kaylee Hartung produced, photographed and edited her reports while she worked for CBS.

As any other attractive woman in the media, Kaylee has a great number of followers and fans. This, of course, raises the inevitable questions about her personal life, including marriage plans or dating history.

Previous relationships and affairs. Does Kaylee Hartung have a boyfriend, or is she even dating?

Despite being a very well known person, Kaylee is doing a great job keeping her private life away from the public eyes. She has not ever talked about her parents or siblings. Her low-key lifestyle has kept her away from any rumor. As for dating, all Kaylee has disclosed to the public is that she has been in a long relationship with her college boyfriend. Unfortunately, the relationship ended a few years ago.

In 2016, Kaylee Hartung has described in an interview what a good future husband might be for her. First of all, she stated that most importantly, she has to find a person attractive before considering dating. She described the perfect man for her as ‘someone who enjoys watching sports and talking about sports’. Also, she said that her man must be stylish, confident and well mannered. She mentioned that she does not like dating in loud places, preferring quiet places like restaurants, lakes or hills. So, if anyone is interested in dating Kaylee Hartung, these should be some useful tips. Kaylee Hartung is currently single, but open to giving dating a try.

Her last appearance as an ESPN reporter was on March 26, 2017. This his her statement regarding the end of her career at ESPN:

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