Happily married Sunny Hostin’s family includes her husband & two children!

‘Sunny Hostin’, a lawyer, commonly known as the CNN’s legal analyst and the host of ABC Daytime’s morning talk show “THE VIEW” is not only a brave woman but also an honest human being who is also a supporter of human rights.

Besides being a tremendous human being and a successful analyst, Hostin is also a wonderful wife and a lovely mother. Along with the success in her professional career, with her husband and her two wonderful kids, Sunny has also managed to make her personal life a heaven. Let us talk in elaboration about her personal life, her family, and kids.

Sunny Hostin’s Husband & Children

Her husband Dr. Emmanuel Hostin who is an orthopedic surgeon is also a sports doctor. Her two kids, Gabriel and Paloma take their mother as their role model. She has raised her two kids with great love and teaching.  Talking about her relationship with her husband with intothegross.com, she expresses,

‘I couldn’t have found a more loving and brilliant person in my life. If I hadn’t gone on that double date, I would have never known him. I am extremely lucky to have a husband like him. He is a darling and has given me two beautiful angels. He is always there to support me in my good and bad days. Without him, I would have been nothing.’

Emmanuel Hostin and his wife Sunny Hostin in vacation

Caption: Sunny Hostin with her husband Dr. Emmanuel Hostin

Her son Gabriel is 14 years old now. A recent picture uploaded by Sunny in Instagram shows that Gabriel is now taller than his 5 feet 9 inches tall mom. Not to be surprised; guys grow pretty well and fast these days.

Her daughter, an 11 years old Paloma is a sweet little child who loves her mom more than anything in the world. According to an Instagram picture uploaded by Hostin on mother’s day, the little princess had a wonderful message to her mom saying that she loved her very much. The picture shows a card probably made by Paloma herself where she has written, ‘Dear Mama, Roses are red, Violets are blue, You are Awesome and I love you’. She has also sketched a picture of a Barbie in the card which resembles her mom.

Parents, Ethnicity

The 48-year-old bold and courageous Sunny Hostin was born on 20th of October 1968. Being born to Puerto Rican mother, Rosa Beza, and her African- American father, William Cummings, Hostin’s was raised in poverty. In spite of poverty, her parents raised her with best of her comfort.

Her parents belonged to different race and ethnicity which had made them struggle a lot to lead a good life in the society. Seeing her parent’s struggle who had faced a lot of problems regarding race during her childhood, today, Hostin fights for racist discriminations as well as for human rights.

Plastic Surgery, Nose Job, Biography, Restaurant

In spite of being almost 50 years old, the fresh and youthful look of Sunny Hostin makes everyone suspect that probably she has undergone a plastic surgery which has given her this young look. Also, some sources report that she has a different look in her nose than before suspecting that she might have done the nose job too.

Since there was no confirmation about the surgery, the news was considered as a hoax. Also, according to a small video clip of hers was uploaded in the Instagram which showed her working out heavily in order to stay healthy. She also added a caption to the video stating she thinks working out is a hard job and is the reason why people would opt for plastic surgery. Definitely, she might not have undergone surgery. Having an attractive body figure with a pretty body shape, size, and cute face, she was also seen on the cover page of Diversity Woman Magazine.

Currently, Sunny Hostin also owns a restaurant in New Rochelle, New York.

Her work as a layer and as a host of ‘The View’, she has made a huge contribution to bringing changes toward race and class of people in the society. Her work in fighting for the right of the people as well as her level of success that she has achieved through her hard work are always to be appreciated. Her boldness and capability of facing challenges have made her the most successful and trusted legal analyst of today.

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