Elisabeth Shue 53-years Old Actress still seems Young & Hot: Secret Behind it? Also, Her Net Worth?

We all had our fantasies growing up with characters from the 80s and 90s classical movies. Elizabeth Shue has been one of such actresses whose sexiness has captured the heart of a lot of kids in the 80s and 90s. ‘The Karate Kid’ actress was once popular for being the hot girl next door but what is she up to now?

Still Hot! Appealing Measurements

All the 80s and 90s kids will be happy to know that, even at the age of 53 she has maintained her body and looks. She still looks amazingly young and can make men drool over her. Her bodily measurements are still looking great. She has a very small dress and feet size of 2 and 7 respectively. Elizabeth Shue weighs a light amount of just 113 pounds with regards to her height of 5 ft 2 inches.

Elisabeth Shue Measurements

Elisabeth Shue at Premiere in Los Angeles.


The actress still shows a lot of sex appeal even at her 50s. If anything her pervy and sexy persona as an actor has increased in some of her recent movies like the Selena Gomez featuring 2014 film ‘Behaving Badly’. We could not find any of her images in a bikini to prove just how sexy the actress is but we found the next better things. The actress has done several nude scenes in movies like ‘The Saint’, ‘Molly’, ‘The Trigger Effect’ and my personal favorite’Cocktail’.

Also, who can forget her role in the movie, ‘The Hollow Man’ where she appears in her lingerie covering herself by only a small shirt that reached only up to her curvaceous waist. Furthermore, her ex-boyfriend and colleague in the movie portrayed by Kevin Bacon who has gained the ability of invisibility through their experiments proceed to slowly unbutton her shirt one button at a time.

Her Love Life:

Since Elizabeth Shue is a sex symbol in her prime time and has maintained her till today you would expect her love life to be a long list of men. However, Elizabeth has struck gold in this aspect of his life as well. She is currently married to longtime husband David Guggenheim. They have been married since 1994 and in 23 years of marriage, they have had 3 children as well. Surprised? Well so were we to discover her 3 children; son Miles William aged 19 years old, older daughter Stella Street aged 16 and younger daughter Agnes Charles aged 11.

Elisabeth Shue and Davis Guggenheim Married

Davis Guggenheim and wife actress Elisabeth Shue.

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David is a famous director and producer who has worked under great TV programs and series like ‘ER’, ‘Deadwood’ and ‘NYPD Blue’. Other than that she is only linked to a relationship with her ‘The Saint’ co-star Val Kilmer. The ‘Top Gun’ star was said to be having an affair with Shue when they were filming for their movie.

Her Career and Net Worth:

Elizabeth Shue has a very successful career with one hit project after another. She landed one of the most iconic movies that is ‘The Karate Kid’ when she was just 18 years old and won the award for the ‘Best Supporting Female Actress’ in ‘Young Artist Awards’ 1984. Her 1988 movie ‘Cocktail’ established herself as a seductive and appealing woman. She also played another iconic role of ‘Jennifer’ in the evergreen science fiction movie ‘Back to the Future II’ and ‘Back to the Future III’ in 1989 and 1990 respectively.

Young Elisabeth Shue

Young Elisabeth Shue in The Karate Kid (1984).


She went on to do a lot of such unforgettable roles in great movies but her best work perhaps was as Sera, a Las Vegas stripper in the movie ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ in 1995. Perhaps such success is the cause of her astoundingly high net worth. Elizabeth Shue is said to have an anticipated net worth of 12.5 million dollars. So, as you can see Elizabeth has got it all; the looks, the body, the man and the money. She is living a perfectly happy life.

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