Gabriel Iglesias Wife, Girlfriend, Son, Net Worth, Age

The television stars of all times Gabriel Iglesias is a super hit figure of the television today. The shining comedian, as well as a vocalist who is seen performing in many shows, is known as the FLUFFY GUY by his fans today. The entertaining 350 pounds guy loves comedy where he also loves to make comedy out of his own overweight.

 Is Gabriel Iglesias Married to a Wife? Or Still Dating a Girlfriend?

The entertaining fellow Gabriel seems to have dated several girls in the past which has not come up to media yet. But currently, he is in a living relationship with his girlfriend Claudia Valdez. He is currently dating her but not yet married to her. He is taking care of both Claudia as well as her son Frankie.

He loves his life, his girlfriend as well as his son very much. He was once kicked out of the reality show ‘ LAST COMIC STANDING’ where he had made up to final eight and was disqualified for smuggling a Blackberry phone which he had used for contacting his girlfriend. What else would have made him to happily take up such a big risk of disqualification from his career making show other than love towards his little family?

Claudia Valdez and her boyfriend Gabriel Iglesias seen happy together

Caption: Gabriel Iglesias with his actress girlfriend Claudia Valdez

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His Son

Gabriel currently has a son Frankie, who lives along with him and Claudia. But according to some source, Frankie is not Gabriel’s biological son. In fact, the little guy was born to Claudia from her previous relationship. But the great-hearted entertainer of all times had been a father figure to Frankie ever since he began dating Claudia. Truly he deserves admiration for his humanity.

Gabriel Iglesias hugging his step-son Frankie

Caption: Gabriel Iglesias with son Frankie

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 Gabriel IglesiasNet Worth and Source of Income

The comedy hero Iglesias is today a $ 30 million worth man according to a report of 2016. Comedy being his lifetime income source, it is revealed that the comedy genius has an average salary of $10 million per year.

Working as a comedian currently, Gabriel started his career in comedy through a television show ‘I’M NOT FAT I’M FLUFFY’. Besides, he is also known for his performance in HOT AND FLUFFY, a film which came up in 2007 at Bakers Field, California. The DVD of the performance became very popular and was shown on comedy central.

Before working as a comedian, Gabriel was working in a cell phone company. He gave up his job there in order to make his career as a full-time comedian.

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Before he was a $30 million net worth man, Gabriel Iglesias lead a very poor life as a child who was raised by his single mother along with his sibling.

Currently, Iglesias is active on social networking sites like FB, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM and has huge fan followers on his account. His videos are viral on YOUTUBE, which helped him a lot to gain more popularity. Today, Gabriel also owns his personal site where his fans can get more information on him. Besides, the internet sites are the best locators to find information on him. No wonder being a $30-million-man today was something that his fate had decided.

 Bio, Age, Facts

Gabriel Iglesias was born on July 15. 1976, in San Diego, and was raised in Los Angeles area in California. He was born to a very poor family and was raised by a single mother along with his siblings. His childhood and most of his youth were spent in Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park and Compton in a low income Housing Long Bench.

He entered in comedy world using the 1940’s popular saying amongst the over weights as ‘Oh! I’m not fat, I’m fluffy’. This has been his identity. He used several of the references in his act relating the obesity and many people liked him.

He’s worked in many comedy series and movies as well where he uses his overweight as a part of his comedy. The 340 pound Gabriel is a huge fan of food and does not feel humiliated for being called as fat. Even though he is popularly known as the ‘FLUFFY GUY’, the world knows his as a comedy genius.

He has worked in almost 10 movies and 14 TV series. He has also worked as a host in many television shows and has worked has shown small appearances in many movies. He has also voiced in number for cartoon shows including ‘THE FAMILY GUY’.

Loved by millions of fans, Iglesias loves to make people laugh. According to a tweet tweeted by Gabriel himself on 25th June 2017,

“I wanna smile, feel good and be around happy people who want to be around me’.

He continues,

‘I just need an iced coffee and a destination’.

Before going into comedy, Iglesias had been working for a cell phone company in LA. Even though the earnings from the company were a good support for his family, Gabriel decided to leave the company in order to give his full time for comedy. Going against his mother’s advice to stay up in the company was not easy for him which resulted in his being evicted from his home and losing his car. Despite this, he had persisted with comedy.

According to an article published in November 2014, Gabriel had died in a car accident leaving his fans in a state of shock and condolence. But soon a Facebook post by the comedian brought cheers in the heart of his fans.

To the news of your death, any normal human being would have reacted in a vigorous way but it did not seem to angry the wonderful talent of all times. In fact, he made a comedy post to the news in Facebook where he says,

‘according to the article, I guess I died last Friday and no one decided to tell me. Well, since I’m dead now I guess I can start eating carbs again. It was a good life’ –Thoughtco

The food lover says that he was very upset for giving up a lot of snacks the year just to die from a stupid accident.

Gabriel had lost 100 pounds from his 445 pounds weight from his diet and workout including yoga itself going against the advice of his surgeon of going for a bariatric surgery instead.

The talent of all times is a very hard working as a person and loves to laugh and make the people laugh by his skills and of course his innocent “Fluffy Look”. Whatever it is, he is a self-made man and a $30-million-dollar worth talent of today.

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