Ghost Adventures Net Worth and Salary: How Much is Ghost Adventures cast members worth?

If you are reading this article, then you are probably familiar with the show. Even so, let me give you a brief description of the show before moving on to the cast’s wiki-bio and net worth including salary. 

Ghost Adventure is an American Paranormal TV series that started airing since the mid-2008. It’s been over a decade since the show began, but the people love this series as much now as they did in its inception. 

The show sirs on show networks, Travel Channel and Really with 18 seasons and over 200 episodes which is presented in a documentary style.

This paranormal show stars five cast members namely, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, Jay Wasley, and Nick Groff. Let’s find out their net worths, shall we?

Ghost Adventures Net Worth

Before starting with the cast member’s wiki-info, and net worth here is a little explanation on the article. After the completion of Ghost Adventures net worth, we will go into knowing about the cast members individually. There we will learn about the cast member’s short wiki-bio, net worth, salary and per episode income as much as possible. 

Also, at the end of the article, we will mention the whole net worth of Ghost Adventures. The combination of all the cast members’ net worth will exclude salary and income so that you will get to know only the net worth of the show. 

Let us begin with Zak Bagnas.

Zak Bagnas Net Worth

Zachary Alexander Bagans was born on April 5th, 1977, which makes him 42 years old currently. He is a writer, host, actor and a famous television personality. Zak is the one who helped in writing Ghost Adventures and also do you remember the voice of the narrator of the show? Yes, it is of Zak. 

There is not much information about Zak, at the moment. But we will make sure to update the article once we are aware of his wife, children or any other things about his life.

Image of Ghost Adventures cast Zak Bagnas net worth is $5 million

Ghost Adventures cast Zak Bagnas net worth is $5 million

Let’s move on to knowing his net worth. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bagnas has a net worth which is approximately estimated to be around $5 million similarly his annual salary or income per episode is completely unknown.

Aaron Goodwin Net Worth

Aaron Goodwin was born on the 1st of April in 1976. He is a technician and camera operator in Ghost Adventures. Though Aaron left Ghost Aventures sometime earlier, he is getting back on the show this fall in October 2019.

Aaron is well known for losing his weight, which was over 200 pounds to 197 pounds. He is also one of the most loved characters from this paranormal show and fans are eagerly waiting for his return. Most importantly, Aaron is known as a strong man.

Image of Ghost Adventures cast Aaron Goodwin net worth is $1.5 million

Ghost Adventures cast Aaron Goodwin net worth is $1.5 million

Similarly, according to E-celeb Gossip, Aaron has a net worth, which is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Like Zak, even Aaron’s salary and income is said to be unknown currently.

Billy Tolley Net Worth

Billy was born on January 18th 1973. He is one of the most cherished characters from Ghost Adventures who started appearing regularly on the screens of Ghost Adventures since the seventh season. 

Billy’s work in Ghost Adventures is as a video and audio analyst, and also equipment specialist for Paranormal Challenges.  According to IMDb, his given full birth name is William Andrew Tolley, but he is known as Billy Tolley more often.

Image of Ghost Adventures cast Billy Tolley net worth is $1.5 million

Ghost Adventures cast Billy Tolley net worth is $1.5 million

Celebrity Net worth tells that Billy has the same net worth as Aaron. Yes, that is $1.5 million whereas his salary and income per episode is under review, so we hope to get to know about his salary as soon as possible.

Nick Groff Net Worth

Born on San Jose, California in 1980, 19th of the April Nicolas Joshua Groff is an American Paranormal Investigator. Groff in Paranormal Lockdown was the head Paranormal Investigator. As for Ghost Adventures, he is a co-investigator, executive producer and cameraman and editor for the first ten seasons of the show.

Image of Ghost Adventures cast Nick Groff net worth is $1 million

Ghost Adventures cast Nick Groff net worth is $1 million

It is reported that Nick has been possessed a lot of times. One of the possession took place while investigating King’s Tavern

Now moving on to his net worth it is said that he has a  net worth of $1 million. A better part of his earning and incomes is that it is said to increase as a day pass. Similarly,  Nick’s salary is similar to the other cast members, aka unknown until now.

Jay Wasley Net Worth

Jay is well known for being a creative personality who got his fame from Travel Channel, but till now, he has done many other filmings.  There is no detail on his date of birth, so we do not have any idea on his age too.

But like I’ve been saying above as soon as we get our hands on any kind of information on Jay’s early life, we will be updating this article.

Image of Ghost Adventures cast Jay Wasley net worth is $1.5 million

Ghost Adventures cast Jay Wasley net worth is $1.5 million

Similarly, he is married to the filmmaker Ashley Richardson. The couple shares a similar interest in filmmaking. The couple loves sharing each other’s pictures on social media and shows affection there. Most of the people love this couple.

As per his salary, wikinetworth says that his yearly salary is said to be $66,121 and similarly about his net worth, it is said to be around $500,000

Ghost Adventures Cast Net Worth in a Table

Name Net Worth
Zachary Alexander Bagans $5 million
Aaron Goodwin $1.5 million
William Andrew Tolley $1.5 million
Nicolas Joshua Groff $1 million
Jay Wasley $500,000

In the end, let’s talk about the total net worth of Ghost Adventures. It is sad news that the total Ghost Adventures net worth has not been calculated yet. But as soon as we find the information, we will be updating the article so stay updated. 

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