MasterChef Net Worth: How Much is MasterChef Cast Members Worth in 2019?

The Master Chef is a famous American competitive cooking reality TV show which originated from the British series that airs with the same name. The show made its debut on July 27th of 2010 from the production team behind One Potato Two Potato and also by Shine America. 

The show has been famous since it came to air and people have been loving the participants and show cast too. So aren’t you all tired of seeing just what the show is about when you want to know about the cast’s bio and ner worth? If so, you are in the right place. 

Know about the cast members from MasterChef of 2019. 

We will get started now. 

MasterChef Net Worth

We cannot go to know straight about the cast’s net worth without having a brief discussion on this topic. Precisely, we will know about the cast member’s brief wiki-bio, and together with the net worth, we will look into their salary. Now the salary includes the per episode income and their monthly and annual salary and income. 

After completing reading about all the cast members, we will be going around with a small net worth table. It will make it easier for you to take a good look at every casts net worth only with their names. And as much as possible, I will be providing you with the total net worth of the members from MasterChef which will exclude the salary part.

So why wait for more now right? Let me escort you to the members right away.

Gregg Wallace Net Worth

Gregg Allan Wallance is a former grocer, English media personality, writer, a presenter who was born on October 17th of 1964 making him 54 years old current year. He is well known for co-presenting MasterChef and Celebrity MasterChef which aired on BBC One and BBC Two.

Wallace spent his childhood days in his hometown Peckham, London since 1964. There is no more wiki-bio/ wiki-info on him. He has not revealed much about him, so things about him is unknown including for his parents’ name, siblings and education. 

Image of Masterchef cast Gregg Wallace net worth is $8 million

Masterchef cast Gregg Wallace net worth is $8 million

As per his net worth, many trusted sites tell that his net worth is about $8 million. But things about his salary and income have been hidden till now

George Calombaris Net Worth

George Dimitrios Calombaris is an Australian restaurateur of Greek Heritage and a well-known chef. He has appeared in Masterchef Australia which aired on Network 10. George was born on the 4th of October in 1978, which makes him 41 years old in 2019. 

He owns a lot of restaurants, which is very famous for his food in Melbourne. The great chef had also appeared regularly on the same Network 10 daytime show which goes by the name Ready Steady Cook. He has been married to Natalie Tricarico since 2018 and has two dearest children.

Image of Masterchef cast George Calombaris net worth is $5 million

Masterchef cast George Calombaris net worth is $5 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, George has a net worth which is estimated to be around $5 million and as per of his salary his per day income is $273.97.

Matt Preston Net Worth

We don’t even have to tell you who Matt Preston is. He is a born food critic who came into the world on  2nd November 1961, which makes him 57 years old now. The food critic is not just a food critic; instead, he is a television personality and also a recipe writer. 

Matt was born to a British Naval historian/journalist father by the name of Antony Preston. A Roman Catholic family raised him in London, United Kingdom. He graduated with a degree in politics and Government from the University of Kent in BA Hons.

Image of Masterchief cast Matt Preston net worth is $5 million

Masterchief cast Matt Preston net worth is $5 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Matt has a net worth same as George, i.e., around $5 million, so we assume that even the salary and income might be similar to his’ is not known. 

John Torode Net Worth

John Douglas Torode was born on July 23rd, 1965, making him 59 years old in 2019. He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, but after the death of his mother, he lived in Maitland alongside his brother Andrew and the one who taught him to cook, his Grandmother.

John is an Australian Celebrity Chef who started his career as a chef since the early age of 16. At the age of 16, he left school to join a catering college. He ao said that To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the favorites books that he read while he was still in school. 

Image of Masterchef cast John Torode net worth is $10 million

Masterchef cast John Torode net worth is $10 million

According to Celeb Net Worth, Torode has a net worth of around $10 million, and some sources confirm that his salary is under review so hopefully we will be able to know about his income/salary soon.

Christine Hà Net Worth 

Christine’s given birth name is Christine Huyen Tran Hà, who was born on the 9th of May, 1979, making her 40 years old this year. Christine is a TV Host, writer, and also an American Chef. She was the blind contestant who won MasterChef in 2012.

Hà was born as the only child to her parents, which means that she has no siblings. When Christine was 14 years old, her beloved mother died due to severe lung cancer. Similarly, Christine suffers from neuromyelitis optica, and since 2007, she has started to lose her sight clearly and thoroughly. 

Image of Masterchef cast Christine Hà net worth is $200,000

Masterchef cast Christine Hà net worth is $200,000

Many sources tell that Christine Hà has a net worth, which is estimated to be around $200,000. And, unfortunate to say, her salary and per episode income is entirely unknown.

Gary Mehigan Net Worth

 Mehigan was born on 12 February 1967, who is an English-born Australian chef and restaurateur. Gary was one of the judges of the series MasterChef Australia which aired on  Network Ten.  Currently, Gary is 52 years old and is married to Mandy Mehigan, his beautiful wife with one child. 

Mehigan is one of those chefs who is not only good at making food but also someone who is loved by the people. He has hosted some tv shows and also judged MasterChef Australia. And sadly, not much of wiki-info is found abut him as he likes living his life private. 

Image of Masterchef cast Gary Mehigan net worth is $5 million

Masterchef cast Gary Mehigan net worth is $5 million

Like mentioned above, he has not given information about his salary and per episode income, but it is found that his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million

Troy Glass Net Worth

Troy is a young chef who amazed the world with his cooking skill on the first season of Masterchef America at the age of 12. Troy’s full name is Troy Joshep Glass, who was born in 2000, 27th of July. At the age of 14, is the first minor to compete he won a full scholarship to  The Culinary Institute of America

Image of Masterchef cast Troy Glass net worth is $1 million

Masterchef cast Troy Glass net worth is $1 million

Troy did become not only the first minor chef but also a celebrity chef who appeared in many shows later. 

 Though he is a young chef, his primary source of income is as a youtube star, having a networth that is estimated to be approximately $100k to $1 million whereas his salary is under review and after reviewed the article will be updated so do come back to check.

Whitney Miller Net Worth

The MasterChef winner Whitney Miller was born on June 1st, 1988, making her 31 years old in 2019. Her full name is Whitney Leigh Miller Humphrey who was born on Mississippi, US. 

Whitney was the first winner of MasterChef America which was judged by the strict judges Gordan Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich. She got a lot of fame after she won the MasterChef in 2010, and also as a contestant everybody loved her.

Image of Masterchef cast Whitney Miller net worth is $1 million

Masterchef cast Whitney Miller net worth is $1 million

Similarly, now talking about her net worth, it is as gorgeous as she is, $1 million. Likewise many of other member’s salary, even her salary is not revealed yet but, I will make sure to update the article once it is known. 

Marcus Wareing Net Worth

Chef Marcus Wareing was born on 29 June 1970 making him 49 years old this year. He is an English celebrity chef and the current Chef Patron of the restaurant Marcus, which was previously named Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley in Knightsbridge. Marcus has been awarded one-Michelin-star for its excellent food. As a restaurateur, he also runs The Gilbert Scott at the West End restaurant, Tredwells, in Seven Dials, London, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Marcus took the spot of  Michel Roux Jr. as a judge from the seventh series of MasterChef: The Professionals.

Image of Masterchef cast Marcus Wareing net worth is $15 million

Masterchef cast Marcus Wareing net worth is $15 million

Not much is known about his early life as he has kept id confidential, but we do hope to get our hands on some of his information soon. 

Till then, let us know his net worth as his salary is also said to be nor known till now. His net worth is estimated to be handsome as it is expected to be around $15 million

Michel Roux, Jr. Net Worth

The two-star chef Michel was born on May 23rs, 1960, which makes him 59 years old this year in 2019. Michel Albert Roux is given a full name, but people call him Michel Roux for easiness. He is a British two-star Michelin chef at the London restaurant named as Le Gavroche.

Michel’s family moved to London in 1967, when he was seven years old. Since then till now, he resides in London with his gorgeous wife Giselle and one dreamful child who he loves a lot.

Image of Masterchef cast Michel Roux Jr. net worth is $85 million

Masterchef cast Michel Roux Jr. net worth is $85 million

Well, I think we found someone with a more substantial net worth than Marcus. Can you guess his net worth? Well, no need to think I just asked you the question as I am going to inform it to you anyway. So, his net worth is estimated to be around $85 million whereas, lie, other members, even his salary is kept confidential. 

David Williams Net Worth

David Anthony Williams was born on 9th June 1980. He is a famous player from Magic: The Gathering but you may better remember him as the contestant of MasterChef Season 7 which he ended up being the first runner-up of

No information about his personal life is found. Is he married? Does he have a girlfriend? Or similar information is yet to be revealed. He loved math as a child and even attended the School of Mathematics and Science at the age of 16.

Image of Masterchef cast David Williams net worth is $8 million

Masterchef cast David Williams net worth is $8 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $8 million but, his salary and episode income seems to be unknown as he likes living a secretive life. 

Monica Galetti Net Worth

Monica Galetti was born in 1975 making her mid 40’s women in 2019. She was born in Samoan, who is a London based New Zealand chef and TV personality. Galetti was the senior sous-chef of the famous restaurant Le Gavroche in London.

Monica is the judge of MasterChef: The Professionals from 2009 and she along with co-presenter Giles Coren have hosted Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby since 2017.

Similarly, as there is not much information about her, let us move in and know about her net worth. Let me deliver the sad news right now that her salary and income is still unknown. But the good news is that I will be updating the article as soon as any information is found. 

Image of Mastechef cast Monica Galetti net worth is $10 million

Masterchef cast Monica Galetti net worth is $10 million

So, her net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

In the end, as per the whole MasterChef Net worth, it is unfortunate to say that the total Masterchef net worth has not been calculated yet.

MasterChef Cast Net Worth in a table

Name  Net Worth
Gregg Allan Wallance $8 million
George Dimitrios Calombaris $5 million
Matt Preston $5 million
John Douglas Torode $10 million
Christine Huyen Tran Hà $200,000
Gary Mehigan $5 million
Troy Glass $100k to $1 million
Whitney Miller $1 million
Marcus Wareing $15 million
Michel Albert Roux $85 million
David Anthony $8  million
Monica Galetti Approx. $10 million

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