Former Super Model Rene Russo’s married life, Daughter, Net Worth and Bio.

There are a lot of well-known celebrities out there who prove to us that Age is just a number like Robert De Nero or Sylvester Stalone. Similarly, actress Rene Russo is also showing all of her fans out there that beauty has nothing to do with age. Married way back in the 90s her family life is also a mystery to all. Read all about her family lives here.

Rene Russo Married Life and Daughter:

Rene Russo unlike relationship trends right now where celebs go around in the mess of dating, break-up, make-up, marry and divorce lucked out at her first try. That is right the former supermodel and actress got married to the famous Director and Screenwriter, Dan Gilroy on March 14, 1992. They have been married for roughly about 25 years and have had no problems with their marriage that could remotely lead to a possibility of divorce.

Rene Russo and Dan Gilroy

Rene Russo and Dan Gilroy at Golden Globe Awards.


Rene being an actress and Dan a director, their paths cross a lot in their line of work and even though we don’t see a lot of chemistry in real life, they show a great one in their careers. So far they have worked on hit projects like ‘Two For the Money’ and ‘Nightcrawler’.

They two also have a daughter named Rose Gilroy who was born roughly a year after their marriage sometime in 1993. They named their daughter after a model called Rosie Vela who Rene Russo really admired and respected. Rose is currently grown up and as a young 24-year-old has begun her own modeling career.

Rene Russo and Rose Gilroy

Rene Russo and her daughter Rose Gilroy.


Former Supermodel But Still Hot:

We have been mentioning Rene a lot as a former supermodel but don’t think that she is no longer hot or something. She is extremely hot even at 64 years of age the actress works out daily and keeps herself fit. She still catches a lot of eye in award functions with her skimpy dresses. If this already impresses you then you should catch her pictures of her young self. She had started modeling since she was 17 became a supermodel in her youth. You are bound to find many bikini pictures of her from her modeling days including the ones in cover magazines.

Rene Russo Bikini

Rene Russo bikini photoshoot for Vogue, back in 1976.

Source: Pinterest

She is bound to have such an appealing presence even at such an old age. Her body measurements are also very nice. She has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches that perfectly complements her weight of just 135 pounds. Her body size is a perfect 36-24-36 that is considered the perfect ratio for a woman’s body figure. Her dress size is a 6 and her shoes are of size 8.5. She has a wonderful bust area that fits into the bra size of 34B.

Rene Russo Net Worth:

Rene Marie Russo was born on February 17, 1954, in Burbank, California, USA. She comes from an Italian descent from her father and English-German descent from her mother. She dropped out from Burroughs High School in the tenth grade to look for part time jobs. Despite modeling and acting, she has also done productions of various projects. This wide array of roles has boosted her net worth to the estimation of about 40 million dollars.

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