Is Domhnall Gleeson dating someone? Who is his girlfriend?

When it comes to movies, actor Domhnall Gleeson has struck gold slowly rising into stardom with big movie franchises like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Star Wars’. After coming into one successful project after another alongside some big names, everybody has wanted to know about the personal and family life of Gleeson. So, who is the ‘Star Wars’ actor dating? Does he really have a girlfriend? Find out all of this and much more about his life.

Domhnall’s Girlfriend and Dating Life:

As another one, the perks of rising to stardom in the acting industry is to get to work with the most amazing female co-stars. Domhnall Gleeson has really struck gold considering his on-screen romances with beautiful actresses like Rachel McAdams from the movie ‘About Time’. The 34-year-old ginger-head even struck an unlikely chemistry with supermodel Gigi Hadid during their photo-shoot for Vogue.

Stunning On-screen couple: Rachel McAdams and her co-actor Domhnall Gleeson

Domhnall Gleeson with his co-actress Rachel McAdams in ‘About Time’ premiere

Source: Zimbio

However, in real life, Domhnall likes to keep his dating life on a low note. He is repeatedly rumored to be in a relationship with rumored girlfriend Juliette Bonass. Juliette Bonass is his long-time friend from Ireland who is a film producer and they have worked together on several small projects. The two have been rumored to be dating after being spotted together several times including the time on May 27, 2016, in Disneyland. The two looked like they were out on a date as they made their way to Tomorrowland before stopping by Carthay Circle to grab a bite to eat.

Neither Gleeson nor Bonass have denied or accepted these rumors. So good friends or girlfriend and boyfriend we can’t say for sure. But for Gleeson who would take a pass on marriage, we can see why he likes to keep his dating life and girlfriend a secret. But be rest assured that the ‘Star Wars’ actor does have a girlfriend that he mentioned in an interview with W magazine.

Domhnall Gleeson’s Career:

Domhnall Gleeson was everywhere on the news when he got a role in the franchise as big as ‘Star Wars’ while he was already an actor in the ‘Harry Potter’ series. This really overshadowed his other projects in his career. He has done a lot of other great works where his performances have been underrated. He has starred in the movie ‘Frank’ alongside actor Michael Fassbender and his Irish character of Jim Ferrell in ‘Brooklyn’.

He has also appeared in Oscar and Academy award nominated movie ‘The Revenant’ alongside Leonardo Dicaprio. His work in Angelina Jolie’s ‘Unbroken’ and Alex Garland’s directorial debut movie ‘Ex Machina’ also has been highly credible. Aside from all these big international projects, Domhnall has also done outstanding works in stage and other small scale projects back in Ireland. His brother and father are also actors and they have done stage work together. Domhnall also prefers to write and direct rather than act.

Gleeson’s Bio:

Domhnall Gleeson was born on 12th May 1983 in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. He graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology where he received his Bachelor in Arts degree. His father Brendan Gleeson is also a well-recognized actor in the theater and short films. His brother is also an actor and together with him and their father, Gleeson has appeared in ‘The Walworth Farce. It seems like acting is in the blood and veins of Domhnall and with such an uprise in his career, we can see him going much further in the future.

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