Vanessa Marcil Marriage, Current Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth, Son

For 9 years we have watched the actress Vanessa Marcil in her iconic role as Brenda in ‘General Hospital’ her credible works in other projects as well. Even in her personal life, we saw her in different roles from a girlfriend to a fiancé to a wife and finally a mother. Learn more about her life including her career and net worth. What is her relationship like with her son?

Vanessa Marcil Son:

If we were to talk about Vanessa’s personal life foremost we have to mention the most important person in her life which would be her son, KassiusLijah. Her son Kassius Lijah was born on March 30, 2002, after her relationship with ex-boyfriend Brian Austin Green.

Vanessa Marcil and KassiusLijah

Vanessa Marcil with her son KassiusLijah.

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It is unclear of how long and when to when the ‘The Beverly Hills 90210’ co-stars were dating but their relationship had already gone bad by 2000 when Green filed a legal case against his baby mama for breach of a contract and misrepresentation. Green had been lending Marcil money since the January of 2000 with clear intentions as a loan and not a gift. However upon asking for its return had been denied by the 49-year-old. So, it is clear that their relationship clearly didn’t end well.

Her Past Marriages and Present Boyfriend:

Vanessa was already married to ex-husband and actor Carol Feldman before encountering Green from 1989 to 1993. Vanessa also moved on after Green to marry actor Carmine Giovinazzo. The couple got married on 11th July 2010 in a secret wedding in New York City. Not even a year after they proclaimed each other as husband and wife in July 2011 they announced that she was pregnant and expecting a baby. Unfortunately, Carmine tweeted on December that year that Vanessa had suffered a miscarriage and it was their second this year.

The miscarriage must have taken a toll on the couple as Marcil filed for divorce from their marriage on August 2012 that got finalized in March 2013.

However, in the end, everything worked out for her. She did not give up on love and by the likes of her Instagram page, she may have already found someone after all. She has maintained her silence about the details of her mystery boyfriend even after they got engaged. Despite openly uploading pictures of and with him she has not even disclosed his name and simply mentions him by the initials MC which is his username on Twitter as well.

She announced her engagement on Instagram as well with a sparkling golden ring on her freshly manicured fingers on 23rd April 2015. She even tried to be discreet about it not mentioning the engagement but the manicure and also revealed the she is planning the wedding a year from then. Her husband is one lucky man as we can judge from his happy face. The apparent cowboy is also not less of a catch who is equally happy with Vanessa whether it is in intimate moments with her in their vacation at Bora Bora where Vanessa is pictured dressed in a sexy black bikini or it is spending time with her son, Kassius.

Vanessa Marcil Career and Net Worth:

Like mentioned above, Vanessa Marcil has appeared in numerous movies and TV Shows. Aside from her most popular role as Brenda Barrett in ‘General Hospital’ she has also featured in movies ‘The Rock’, ‘The Space Between Us’ and ‘Storm Watch’. However, she is known for her work in TV shows like ‘Beverly Hills 902210’, ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘Without a Trace’.

As of 2017, she has a TV movie lined up called ‘The Wrong Mother’. She has won 1 Daytime Emmy Award while having 2 other nominations and 3 Soap Opera Digest Award while being nominated 2 other times.

This success of her might also be the cause of her grand net worth estimated to be around 2 million dollars. She is also not just successful in her professional life. Despite being 49 years of age, did you not see how hot she was in a bikini in the photo above? With her son, Kassius presently of age 15 and fiancé MC, she has a completely satisfactory life?

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