Is Popular Comedian Cristela Alonzo Dating a Boyfriend Now? Making an active Career Before Getting Married?

When you’re low on life and are seeking for some laughter remedy. You don’t want to look further than one of the best stand-up comedian Cristela Alonzo. The comedian has been sitting atop the comedy circuit, and that is why people love watching her.

But does this young and beautiful comedian have someone in her life in a romance manner? Is Alonzo dating and does she have a boyfriend in her life? Or is this lady just too career-focused? If you are searching for the reply to the same, you have come to the right place, stay with us.

Cristela Alonzo in hot mood.

Hottest or Bikini picture of Comedian Cristela Alonzo.

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Who’s Comedian Cristela Alonzo Boyfriend? Still dating or secretly Married to Someone?

It’s the queries that most of her followers have on their mind. There are no doubt that this hot and beautiful comedian is professionally a well organized and accomplished lady but what does the personal aspect of her life look? Is she dating someone? Who’s her boyfriend or husband?

Cristela Alonzo with Stephen Halasz .

Cristela Alonzo with her rumored boyfriend Stephen Halasz.

Source: instagram

Well, Alonzo was once long-standing relation with fellow or partner or also comedian Stephen Halasz, and the connection lasted for more than a decade. The relationship, nevertheless, was kept very private and thus, it was hard to tell if the couple is still together or have already broken or separated.

Are two Comedian Cristela Alonzo and Stephen Halasz Still Together?

The internet though says that they are still together and are leading a happy and satisfied relationship with one another. But still, we’re no official declaration of confirmation from either end. But the two are still together, do they have plans to get married anytime soon and share a Spouse relationship with one another?

Cristela Alonzo with her nephew Sergio.

Best stand-up comedian Cristela Alonzo with her nephew Sergio.

Source: Twitter

Well, thus, far, no report has hit the media regarding her wedding and her plan of marriage. Maybe, as of now, this comedian just wants to build up her in the stand-up comedy sector further and further expand her already illustrious career, and that is why she hasn’t made up her mind about her settling down or making a happy family with children, kids, and husband in real life.

Cristela Alonzo Weight Loss Plans With also her Net Worth:

Alonzo has gotten skinny with time, and she seems to have shed some pounds. Cristela reportedly used Garcinia weight loss pills to speed up metabolism, suppress her appetite and decrease weight gain. That hs resulted in her looking slender than what she was back in the days.

However, Hidalgo, Texas-born 38-years-olad age comedain Cristela has gotten skinny with time, and she looks like to have shed some pounds. Alonzo reportedly used Garcinia weight loss pills to speed up metabolism, suppress her appetite and reduce weight gain. That’s resulted in her looking slimmer than what she was past days.

Regardless, of her body measurements and figure, she has done her career a world best with all the skills and talents she holds to make you cry out of laughter. As a result, this talented comedian has done a good sum of money in her life too which is why she owned a net worth of $3 million dollars in 2017.

Last but not the least; you also keep in touch with us for more details about her and also her career, tours and also her personal life.

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