Diggy Simmons: Age, Siblings, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Dating

The much-heard rap of parties nowadays is rap music “fallan down” by Diggy Simmons and is a total hit of today. Commonly known as Diggy Simmons, Daniel Dwayne Simmons had come to fame through the reality show ‘Run’s House’.

Diggy Simmons performing

Diggy Simmons performs at rye playland.

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Let us discuss his personal life here today.

Age: how old is Diggy Simmons?

The very young talent of America is only 22 years old at present. He started working as a rapper ever since he was 14 years old and had started gaining popularity ever since then.

Diggy Simmon’s siblings

Born to stars of the musical industry, Diggy has not only been a fan of millions of viewers but has also been a boon to his parents. His father Joseph Rev Run Simmons is a hip-hop artist as well as the founding member of Run-D.M.C. His mom Justine sells a jewelry line called “Brown Sugar”. His uncle Russell Simmons is a co-founder of Def Jam Recordings. He has six siblings who collectively along with him and his parents had starred in the American reality show Run’s House in October 2013. Short details of his siblings are given below;-

Diggy Simmons siblings

Diggy Simmons with his siblings.

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Vanessa Simmons

Vanessa Simmons, who’s gained popularity mainly through THE RUN’S HOUSE is an actress who’s seen starring in quiet few shows including 2014 web series, MIXED, and BOOGIE TOWN and also is seen in the ensemble film ‘Dysfunctional Friends‘. Besides acting, she along with her sister Angela Simmons works as a designer for the shoe brand ‘Pastry’. Currently the beautiful mother of a baby girl Ava, Vanessa had also participated for the Miss California USA pageant in 2008.

Angela Simmons   

The editor of the famous teen magazine ANGELA’S RUNDOWN, Angel Simmons is also an actor, a businesswoman, fashion designer and also the designer of PASTRY FOOTWEAR, a shoe-brand company. She had also starred in the reality show GROWING UP HIP HOP in 2016.

Joseph Ward Simmons

JoJo who is the third oldest sibling of Diggy is not of a television star so far. But he was also a well known Simmons sibling through the family reality show ‘RUN’S HOUSE’.

Russell Simmons II

Russell Simmons II, the youngest son of Joseph Simmons is also called as Russy and is named after his father’s elder brother, Russell Simmons. Russy is seen starring with his parents and younger sister on the show ‘Rev Runs around the World’ and also on the show ‘Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers’ on the Cooking Channel.

Victoria Anne Simmons

The late Victoria Simmons born to Justin Simmons had died soon after her birth in 2006 due to birth defects. In order to overcome the tragic situation, they soon decided to adopt a child. The family adopted Miley Simmons soon in 2007.

Miley Justine Simmons

Miley Simmons, who was an adopted child of the Simmons family, is a little child now and is expected to gain a great fame just like her parents and siblings have when she is grown up.

Net worth

The very young talent is having a net worth of $3.75 million. This is believed to be an admirable achievement by him at such young age. His complete source of earnings is his recordings and actings.

Girlfriend and Dating Life

Not much popular among television or on the internet, the actress Destiny Thompson seemed to be in an open relationship with Diggy in 2010. Although she is rarely noticed by people in televisions, she has been acting in few TV shows as a small role which usually goes unnoticed. The relation seemed to have gone well for few months. Soon, the couples were flashed up in news saying that they were no longer dating each other.

Again, in 2011, Diggy was spotted dating Jessica Jarrell who is a family friend of the Simons. The couples had come together through family sources. Although Diggy had declared in an interview that they were only best friends, the public refused to believe him when they were captured publicly kissing each other in the public by a paparazzi.

Diggy Simmons and Jessica Jarrell

Diggy Simmons and Jessica Jarrell dating.

Although they were expected to get married soon, within few months, some sources reported that the couples have broken up and were no longer dating each other.

Talking about the current relationship, Diggy is no more dating anyone and is single. According to him he is in fact currently focused on his career and studies instead of relationships.

Wiki, Bio

The young star was born on 21st March 1995 in Queens, New York. His first debut mix-tape ‘THE FIRST FLIGHT’ was uploaded to his own blog in 2009. Soon after the upload, it was seen that more than 100,000 people had downloaded his creation within a short period of time. Soon after this release, he started gaining popularity and also started getting proposals from few of record labels among which he decided to sign for the ‘Atlantic Records’.

Continuing with his hit release of raps and songs, he started gaining more and more popularity. Besides music, he’s also seen as an actor in few American TV shows. In fact, he also launched his own two-hour television show ‘THE START UP’ starring himself.

He has also gained popularity with his albums UNEXPECTED ARRIVALS and SMOKING GOOD.

Born to a family full of stars, Diggy does not seem to take pride as a star family. Instead, he likes making an identity for himself. The credit of his success and his fame all goes to himself. After all, it is not his family that has made him a-$3.75-million star!!!

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