Andy Grammer Married, Wife, Wife Pregnant, New Baby, Daughter, Girlfriend, Dating, Net Worth

The famous musician and singer of today have a very important announcement to make. Let us see what he is up to.

Andy Grammer Married, Wife,

The one lady man, the famous Andy Grammer is married to Aijia Lise. Married for five years now, Aijia and Andy had first met in the college’s music program. The made for each other couple who got married on 7th July 2012 had graduated from the same college.

Andy Grammer and Aijia Lise

Andy Grammer and Aijia Lise at Billboard Music Awards.


Andy’s wife Aijia is an American singer who is famous for Rock and Roll camp for girls.

The made for each other couple, Aijia and Andy have something amazing to announce. What is it?

Wife Pregnant, New Baby, Daughter

The ‘Fresh Eyes’ singer Andy Grammer and his beautiful and sexy wife who’s currently pregnant, had allegedly posted a musical baby announcement online through a music video on 2nd of March.

Andy Grammer And Pregnant Wife Aijia Aijia Lise

Andy Grammer Gives Pregnant Wife Aijia Lise a Sweet Smooch.

Source: People

The video was really interesting and exciting where the couple, surrounded by Andy’s band was singing ‘I got the sunshine on a cloudy day when it’s cold outside; I got the mother made….’

Continuing to sing a song for the announcement of coming of the new baby, the couple started removing the goggles and jacket. As they removed the jacket, they were clearly showing up the print on their t-shirt which mentioned: “BABY DADDY” on Andy’s t-shirt and “PREGNANT AF” on Aijia’s t-shirt.

The video with full of fun also captioned ‘MY GIRL….coming July 2017’

Well, this was completely a different and fabulous way of announcing the upcoming of a new member to the sweet little family.

As stated in the caption, Aijia is probably going to deliver the baby in July. Hope we can expect another amazing welcome of an amazing star in another strange and lovely way.

Besides, Andy is all set to welcome the new baby girl. Though the couple was expecting a baby boy, the news of Aijia expecting a daughter brought, even more, excitement and joy to the family as this seems to be the first girl on both sides of their family.

Andy Grammer Girlfriend, Dating

The one man Andy believes in “one life one love”. Though he had been rumored with few bright ladies in the music industry, he had never dated anyone else except his wife Aijia in his life. He was happy and single until he met his then girlfriend Aijia who brought a great positive change in his life. Abstaining from sex until marriage, Andy had built a sense of trust to his girlfriend.

After dating for years, Aijia and Andy got married in 2012. He has had no other girlfriends or history of dating anyone else till now. His wife who is not only a partner to him, is also his role model, a friend, a companion, a guide, a true life partner and someone whom he relies on the most.

Career, Bio, Net Worth

The 33- year-old Andrew Charles Grammer was born to American and German parents. Born to be a singer, the family guy was born on 3rd December 1983 in Los Angeles, California, us.

Starting with his debut album ‘Andy Grammer’ released in 2011, he raised to fame within a short period of time. The very young and talented artist has done two studio albums released by S-Curve Records. He is also seen doing four extended plays and almost 9-10 singles till today. His latest singles “GIVE LOVE’ has also been one of the greatest hits of America. After all, being a net worth of $5-million is not an easy task. But Andy has managed to get the title of a whopping $5-million-man due to his endeavors as a singer and artist.

Well, currently, we are eagerly waiting for his little princess daughter to come to this world and give a contribution to the music industry just like her totally amazing parents have.

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