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Being a well-known personality among the American reality show lovers, The Southern Charm Cameran Eubanks is known as a reality star. Let us see what is going on in the life of Eubanks Besides her television life.

Cameran Eubanks husband, married, divorce

Married to Jason Wimberley in 12th April 2014, Eubanks, along with her husband tends to keep his identity a private one. Her husband Jason does not like a celebrity life and is happy to stay far from cameras.

Jason Wimberley happily married to his wife Cameran Eubanks

Caption: Cameran Eubanks married her husband Jason Wimberley in 2014

Though Wimberley is not a television star as Cameran is, he probably is a star to his wife. Even though he is seen miles away from the television cameras, he’s been starring her social pages and sites since a long time.

As hinted by Cameran on few of her posts in her social sites, her husband Jason Wimberley is probably a doctor, more probably an anesthetist and most probably from a medical field.

Due to her personal choice for her marriage, she had also faced some criticism on Twitter recently. On April 2nd, a Twitter follower had twitted to Cameran that, ‘if you haven’t merged your bank accounts, won’t procreate and appear to be b***h in moral authority… you’ll end up divorced’.

To this tweet, she was also seen joking about her allegedly upcoming divorce from her husband, where she had replied, ‘Good thing I end up divorced, we won’t have to worry about the bank accounts.’

Whatever it is, the reason that her husband tends to keep himself away from the camera is that he loves his wife very much and does not want camera or media publicity to come in between their happy and private life. Everyone might not agree with this view though.

Cameran Eubanks pregnant, baby, baby bump, Baby Daddy, kids,

Though the rumors of her pregnancy had been on the air for a long time, Cameran had publicly announced it only on 26th April through her socially used Instagram with a photo where she posed holding a sonogram standing alongside her husband, the baby daddy who was holding a pink balloon.

She had also put a caption to the photo mentioning, ‘Times a changing ‘y’ all! Baby Girl Wimberley will be touching down this fall! Excited (and nervous) for this new chapter in life!’

Recently, on May 27th, the mom-to-be had also posted a baby bump in her social site, where she posed on a blue long outfit standing along with her baby daddy exposing her little baby bump. Although she doesn’t seem to be familiar with maternity clothes, on the same day, she tried posing her baby bump again, in a different white outfit and posted it on Instagram.

Though she had dated few guys before marriage, this was Cameran’s first marriage ever and has no other kids. Little nervous about handling the kids, remembering the troubles she had given to her mother as a kid, Cameran currently seems completely prepared for the motherhood. She is going to deliver the new baby on this November.

Boyfriend and dating life

Although she had a few list of boyfriends before marriage, she has been married now and is happy with her husband. She does not seek any other boyfriends so far at present.

As far as it is publicly known, Cameran had officially dated Ace Amerson during 2003-2004. After the break up with Ace in 2004, she had also dated the American skier and Olympics champion Jeremy Bloom for a long time. Jeremy remained her boyfriend from 2004 to 2010.

Currently, she is married to Dr. Jason Wimberley since April 2014.

Short bio, career, net worth

Born on 21st November 1983 Cameran was only 19 when she was seen on television. Born in Anderson, South Carolina, U.S.A, the American actress was raised in an upper-class family of U.S.A.

The warm and friendly nature Cameran Eubanks made her career debut on the American reality show ‘The Real World; San Diego’ in 2004 that aired on MTV. Currently star of the reality show ‘Southern Charm’ which is airing on Bravo, Cameran has a very down to earth nature. She loves hanging out with her buddies and also loves playing pranks on people. She is originally working as a real estate agent. Her contribution as an actor and her quality of making everyone happy has given her a net-worth of $ 500-thousand-dollars till date.

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