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Glamour is a really popular element in business but to make it sell in Television is no easy task. However covering all the necessities TLC’s ‘Hair Goddess’ is growing to become a very popular show. The star of the show, Christina Oliva is cooking up quite a reputation for herself after this. Her realistic personality has increased her attractiveness but does she already have a boyfriend or is she even married?

Christina Oliva Net Worth and Career:

You know you have reached a pinnacle of success when your work is credited enough to be on television and recognized by a large mass of people. So it is needless to say how successful career Christina has. The show will show her opening a hair salon in Manhattan as a step in expanding her small family run company to a large hair care empire.

However, even before the show, Christina has been successful with every initiative she took in her career. She started her career at just 18 years of age has already become a licensed cosmetologist and opening a hair extension company of her own in a very less likely, the garage of her house. This was all thanks to the help from her family who will be appearing a lot in the show. Unfortunately despite the successful career of Oliva, being new to the entertainment industry there is still a lot unknown about her including her net worth that is sadly still under review.

Christina Oliva’s Boyfriend, Married Life, and Family Life:

Like mentioned earlier there is scarce information about Christina over the internet because of her only recently gained stardom. She herself is a secretive person when it comes to her personal life and likes to keep information about her boyfriend and dating life intact. But you shouldn’t really trouble yourself with such minor data when we have the big scoop for you right here.

It turns out that Christina is in fact married and has a mystery husband. Not much is given out to her spouse other than the fact that he is in the entrepreneur business like her but related to cars. Her husband is a bigger person in privatizing his personal life as he has decided to not appear on the show. Shy or Ethical, we can’t say but Christina’s parents are happy with her husband and hope they have a productive married life with lots of children.

Her Short Bio:

We went all out to extract every bit of bio-wiki information about Christina Oliva. She was born on 20th May 1986 in Staten Island, New York, USA. She was born in an Italian-American family to parents Frank and Donna Oliva. She has quite a look-alike sister named Victoria and their cousin Anthony is also seen helping them around in their salon.

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