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Danielle Mullins who is the hot topic of every American’s house today is not as such a celebrity but is a part of the documentary show ‘90 Day Fiancé’. She has come up into publicity through the scandal that took place in her life. Let us discuss in detail about her love life and her scandal here.

‘90 Days Fiancé’ star, Danielle Mullins has Moved on! Has a New Man in Her Life? Who is her Boyfriend or to-be-husband?

Recently after a divorce with ex-husband, Danielle has moved on in her life. According to her, she is now in a relationship with her new boyfriend who is from another state which is 6 hours far from where she lives.

Her New Boyfriend Relationship

After the unlawful situation she had faced during her previous relationship, Danielle does not seem to bring up more about the new boyfriend and wishes to keep her personal life private now on. According to her, the new relationship has brought a change in her life and also says that long distance relationship does not bring distance in her relationship. In fact, she seems satisfied with this new relationship and says that she had not felt this happy in a quiet long time.

Her Old Relationship Husband Divorce

The 41-year-old lady Danielle came into fame through the documentary show ‘90 Days Fiancé. The show airs every Sunday at 8 pm on TLC. Danielle and Mohammad were the stars of season 2 of the show in October 2014.

Beautiful Wedding picture of Danielle Mullins and Mohammad

Caption: Danielle Mullins wedding with her fiancé Mohammad

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Currently divorced Danielle and present boyfriend Mohammad had met through a dating site MeetMe where both of them shared common interests and decided to meet up. Mohammad went up to meet Danielle in 2013 when soon after the meeting the couples decided to get married. Ever since the marriage, the relationship didn’t seem to go well. The 26 years old man Mohammed Jabeli decided to end up the relationship claiming Danielle to be mentally ill and had been dating many other men. He also claimed that Danielle had been threatening to get him deported if he did not have sex with her. According to Jabeli, Danielle used to steal money from him, used his credit card without his knowledge and also used a fake account using his name.

Airing on TLC, the ’90 Day Fiancé’ is an American documentary series which follows couples who have 90 days to decide to marry before their visa gets expires. According to visa petition, the couples if, don’t get married within 90 days, will have to leave the country and go back to his own country.

Here, after dating for a couple of days through the online dating site, Mohammad came up to the United States to get married to Danielle. Since the relation did not go so well, the couples finally got separated in March 2017.

Disagreeing to the blames from Mohammad, Danielle claimed that Mohammad had cheated on her just to get the green card and become a US citizen. She also claimed that Mohammad refused to have sex with her even after marriage taking advantage of his religious views but has been dating to other women and having sex with them. Besides, it was her who had filed for an annulment of the marriage but with a mutual agreement of being in contact with each other even after divorce as friends, they finally got divorced.

Mohammad divorced his ex-wife Danielle Mullins

Caption: Danielle Mullins divorced with her ex-husband Mohammad

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Mohammad does not seem to be a promising and has not come to contact ever since they got divorced. Danielle, on the other hand, does not seem to be letting him go so easily. She is trying every way to get him deported back to his country.

Whatever it be, wasn’t it better to solve their family matter within themselves without getting an unnecessary publicity?

Watching her relationship history, she was already a divorcee with four children even before she met Mohammad. Well, hope her current relationship goes well with her.

Short Bio

Born in the US, 41 years old Danielle Mullins is an American citizen and a mother of four children- three daughters and a son. Mohammad is a 21-year-old Muslim Tunisian guy, who immigrated to the US in search of his love Danielle as well as to get a better-secured life in America and also to get settled there with Danielle.

Mohammed says his relation would have been far better if he wasn’t on any television show. Same way, Danielle also claims that she would not want to bring up her new boyfriend on the television and is happy in the relationship without publicly disclosing the personal matters.

Hopefully, if the couples had understood this when they were together, probably they would have been together today too. On the other hand, the fame and publicity that they got after all these would not have been a part of them today if they had not been on television and in the eyes of media. After gaining the fame, Mohammad has been silent on social media account in recent weeks and Danielle has too made her accounts private.

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