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Bethenny Frankel is a well-known celebrity appearing in the successful Bravo’s reality TV series ‘Real Housewives of New York City’. Thanks to the show, most of her followers are already updated about her life on both personal and professional matters. However, even she has a lot of things she likes to keep private from her life on television. Did you know that she was married once before? What about her Independence Day plans?

Real Housewives of New York City

Real Housewives of New York City.

Married Life and Children:

Most of you may already know about Bethenny’s marriage with CC on March 2010. She married pharmaceutical sales executive Jason Hoppy in 2010 and also has a daughter with him named Bryn. They married when Bethenny was 2 and half months pregnant with Bryn. The couple decided to call it quits almost 3 years after their wedding in December of 2012 after months of rumors about the difficulties between them captured in the show ‘RHWONYC’ in Bravo’s TV.

Bethenny Grankel Jason,Hoppy and Bryn

Bethenny Grankel and Jason Hoppy on Bryn’s birth day.


Bethenny Frankel made it official by filing for divorce with Hoppy in January 2013 which got finalized more than 3 long years later in July 2016. They later met in the court one final time in September the same year.

This is all too well but many people do not know that she was already married once in the past. She was married first to the Entertainment Industry Executive Peter Sussman. Peter was not just an ex-husband but also her best friend at a time. They married in 1996 but were best friends before that for 5 years. Peter was persistent for having a relationship so Bethenny also gave in to become his wife. However a year after being husband and wife, their relationship had security but no passion. Bethenny ended their marriage a year later in 1997 due to this.

Sexy Independence Holidays:

4th of July is one of the most popular American holidays filled with patriotism and nothing screams patriotism more than some Barbeque, Fireworks, and Bikinis. Well, Bethenny also fully turned with the colors of the American holiday. Dailymail covered her celebration of Independence Day. The Real Housewife visited Hamptons for the Independence weekend and celebrated by visiting the beach. She shared via Snapchat picture and videos of herself in a racy orange bikini with side-ties.

Bethennyra Fnkel Bikini

Bethennyra Fnkel on the Independence Day holiday weekend in the Hamptons.


It was clear that the 47-year-old was proud of her slim hot body as she took a dip into the cold water. She also posted another picture, this time in a blue side-tie bikini holding a spatula as she posed next to a grill. A sight that will make every true American’s blooded males boil with passion.

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