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Diane Pol is the wife of the veterinarian and TV personality, Dr. Pol. She has made frequent appearances in her husband’s show “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” Diane and Dr. Pol have been together since 1967.

Let’s find out more about Diane Pol husband, Dr. Pol, net worth, children, daughter, grandchildren, age, and wiki.

Diane Pol married to Husband, Children, and Daughter

Diane Pol is married to one Jan Pol of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” reality TV series. The couple first met in high school. They met in 1961 when Diane was in her final year. The two became friends and eventually fell in love. They dated for sometimes. Diane even traveled all the way to the Netherlands to meet Pol’s family. After nearly five years of dating, the couple finally tied the knot in 1967. The marriage ceremony was attended by family and friends from both sides.

Image of Diane Pol with her husband, Jan Pol at young age

Diane Pol with her husband, Jan Pol at their young age

Ever since the two got married many years ago, they haven’t been blessed with a child. They don’t have children together. However, they have two adopted children and a foster child named Diane. One of the adopted children is the famous Charles Pol – one of the cast members of The Incredible Dr. Pol TV series.

Beautiful family picture of Diane Pol, her husband Jan Pol, and children

Beautiful family picture of Diane Pol, her husband Jan Pol, and children

Diane Pol Net Worth, Salary, Shows

There is no doubt Dr. Pol’s wife has achieved great success in her acting career. Diane has been very supportive of her husband. She has been working alongside him in their family show “The Incredible Dr. Pol” since it premiered in 2011. Before joining the show, Diane worked as a tutor in veterinary school.

Therefore, Diane Pol net worth must be quite big. While it has not been confirmed, Dr. Pol’s wife net worth is estimated at $2 million. Note that this amount is only a rough estimate. The exact figure is yet to be established.

Image of Diane Pol whose net worth from The Incredible Dr. Pol is $2 million

Diane Pol net worth from The Incredible Dr. Pol is $2 million

Regarding her source of wealth, we can assume she earned most of her money from her regular appearance in the show. It is alleged that her husband Dr. Pol earns $30,000 as salary per episode. So, it could be possible that Diane is also paid something close to that per episode.

Diane Pol Family, Grandchildren

Diane Pol is a family woman though she does not own children of her own. For the past 50 years of her marriage to Dr. Pol, she hasn’t been able to conceive. So, they have adopted children and raised them as their own. There is no information online regarding Diane’s grandchildren.

How old is Diane Pol? Age, Birthdate

Little is known about Diane Pol’s birthdate. She likes to keep her life private. However, Diane was in the final year in high school when her husband met her in 1961. So she must have been born in the early 1940s. Note this is not her exact year of birth; it’s just an assumption.

Diane Pol Wiki, Bio

About her parents, little is known about them. We are unable to find information online regarding her sibling as well. Even so, Diane was born and grew up in Mayville, Michigan, United States of America. She later attended Mayville High School, the institution where she met Dr. Pol in 1961.

Diane dated Dr. Pol for five years before marrying her in 1967. She moved to the Netherlands to stay with a husband. After living in the Netherlands for a few years, the couple migrated to Harbor Beach Michigan, USA.

It is after returning to the US that Diane attended Michigan State University to do her master degree in special reading. After graduation, she taught in a local elementary school.

In 1981, Diane and Dr. Pol started a veterinary called Pol Veterinary Services which has been running up to this day. Apart from appearing in her husband’s show, Diane also teaches Sunday school at her church.

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