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Born on the 3rd of August 1987, Dr. Lauren Thielen has just turned 31 years of age this year. She was born in Fort Warth Texas. For now, Dr. Lauren Thielen resides in Bradford Hills.

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She moved to this place four years ago. Dr. Lauren is a Christian by faith. Her parents are not known. All the same, from her mannerism, it is quite evident that Dr. Lauren enjoyed a very modest upbringing. She is quite reserved and thus chooses not to say so much in public.

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Dr. Lauren Thielen Married to Husband or Dating Boyfriend? Any Children?

From the details extracted from her Facebook profile, Dr. Lauren Thielen was in a serious love relationship with Sean Samaniego. That was way back in 2014. However, the two have since parted ways. Things did not turn out nicely between the two. At the moment, Sean is already dating another lady whose picture he revealed on his Facebook timeline.

Image of Dr.Lauren Thielen with her ex-husband Sean Samaniego

Dr.Lauren Thielen with her partner, Sean Samaniego

For Dr. Lauren, she is yet to reveal her next move after the breakup. She has neither talked about getting a new boyfriend nor staying single. However, from her profile updates on Facebook and Twitter, it is quite reasonable to assume that the lady is currently single. There could also be the possibility that Dr. Lauren is a woman who has decided to keep her issues so private. Therefore, she could already be enjoying romantic times with another gentleman, completely unknown to the public.

Dr. Lauren  Thielen does not have any children at the moment, at least not any that the public can talk about.  That she will get married anytime from now is practically impossible. Dr. Lauren appears like getting his medical career intact first before embracing the family life.

Dr. Lauren Thielen Net Worth, Salary Per Episode

Dr. Lauren Thielen graduated from the Fossil Ridge high school in 2005. The school is situated northeast of the Fartwort Texas. From there, she joined the Midwestern State University and successfully graduated in 2009. Dr. Lauren then proceeded to the Texas A& M University, a college for veterinary medicine in 2013. Dr. Lauren Thienel’s career in veterinary medicine is just taking off.

She is yet to achieve so much from it, owing to her limited years of practice. However, Dr. Lauren Thielen net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. Her salary from Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER is somewhere around $50,000-$60,000 per episode. At the moment, she works as an associate veterinarian at the Broward Avia and exotic animal hospital.

Image of Dr.Lauren Thielen net worth is $100,000

Dr. Lauren Thielen net worth from Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER is $100,000

Most people have come to know Dr. Lauren Thielen for his famous reality television series, ‘Dr.Ks. Exotic animal ER’. The show began to be aired on the Channel Nat Geo world on October of 2014.

Most of his interns have over the years appreciated the job experience since they have learned so much about animals and nature conservation. Doctor Lauren Thielen works together with one of the top veterinarian, Santiago Diaz. Together they treat exotic pets and train the pet owners on how to handle these particular kinds of pets. Dr. Lauren Thienel loves exotic pets so much that she would always want to preserve them.

Dr. Lauren Thielen Social Media. What Is She Doing Now?

Dr. Lauren Thielen is not so much of a social media person. She rarely posts on her timelines. However, for the few times she posts, it is all about the exotic animals she treats and nothing else! It could be that she is too busy building on her career that she does not have the time for Facebook and Instagram.

There is also the possibility of Dr. Lauren not wanting to expose so much of her private life. Since she breaks up with Sean, she perhaps learned the importance of keeping her issues away from the public. To the outside world, she must never create an impression and an image that goes beyond that of a veterinary doctor.

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