Did Big Chief divorce his wife yet? Is Jackie Braasch Justin Shearer’s new girlfriend?

Big Chief aka Justin Shearer is in the middle of divorce proceedings with his wife. Rumor has it that he has a new girlfriend  – Jackie Braasch. Why is Big Chief leaving his wife? Here are the details on his divorce and new girlfriend.

Big Chief’s wife filed for divorce

Reportedly, it was Shearer’s wife, Allicia Shearer, who filed the divorce papers in May 2017. The couple are way past reconciliation, it seems. They have been married since 2006 and are parents to two children.

Street Outlaws' Big Chief aka Justin Shearer divorced to his wife Allicia Shearer

Big Chief Ex-wife Allicia Shearer

There hasn’t been any updates about the divorce. Big Chief hasn’t talked publicly about the matter yet.

If they do go through with the divorce, they’re going to have a custody battle for their sons. Fans are torn because of the state of Shearer’s family life. They became concerned about their marriage after Allicia was missing from the last season of Street Outlaws.

Big Chief and Allicia Shearer met when they were 18

Born and raised in Louiseville, Kentucky, Allicia is the same age as Justin. The couple have known each other since they were teenagers. As a matter of fact, they have been in love since they were 18.

Street Outlaws' Big Chief and Allicia Shearer were together when they were teenager

Street Outlaws’ Big Chief and Allicia Shearer together

They met at a full service gas station where Justin was working. “I instantly got nervous and I knew that I would have trouble with this girl… and I was right. I’ve been in trouble since that day!” said Big Chief.

Who is Jackie Braasch? Big Chief new girlfriend rumors

Big Chief and Allicia Shearer seemed so in love but it seems that he has already moved on. According to sources, the racer is presently dating fellow racer Jackie Braasch.

Street Outlaws' Big Chief's girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Big Chief’s rumoured girlfriend Jackie Braasch

The Joliet, Illinois has been sticking by Big Chief’s side for quite some time now and fans have started to assume that they’re together. Neither of them have addressed the rumors of their relationship.

Jackie Braasch is a seasoned racer who has competed in the Super Pro and the Rockett Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series. She comes from a family of racers and began racing at an early age.

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