Mountain Monsters William Neff Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Dead or Alive?

William “Wild Bill” Neff came to the limelight for his appearances in the reality’s Mountain Monsters. He is one of the six crew members of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings.

Let us dig deeper into his wiki-bio, net worth and wife. We shall also find out whether William Neff is dead or alive.


William Neff was born on 15th September 1989 in the United States. That means the star is currently 29 years old.

He was born in Clay County but currently resides in Nicholas County. William Neff seems a very reserved man.

His personal life details are not disclosed in the wiki-bio sources. He has not also shared at least a part of his private life in public sites.


William Neff’s first career started shortly after completion of his high school education. Few days after, he joined the U.S Marine Corps. His deployments were across the United States and outside in the Philippines, Japan, and Thailand. He quit this long time job when the Mountain Monsters signed him in.

Image of William Neff from Mountain Monsters show

William Neff from Mountain Monsters show

He still holds memories of how he joined the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings team. This is a team of six expert members. They all co-work in discovering the monsters in the Appalachian Mountains. He says that Mountain Monsters producers called him to have an interview with him.

As for them, they were looking for a hyper, energetic and tough person.  They, therefore, contacted West Virginia Trappers Association who directed them to William Neff. The producers flew from Los Angeles, California to Columbus, Ohio. After that, they took a car to Summersville where he was. The interview took place at the New River Bridge overlook.

Thirty minutes after the producers departed, they called William Neff. They offered him a six-year contract. However, he declined the offer and instead signed in for a two-year contract. He is always grateful that among the 700 people who were interviewed, he was chosen. The star has now been in this career for over five years now. He is excited about it.

During filming, he works 16 to 18 hours a day. Being on national television is an experience he greatly treasures.  In the cast, he is normally referred to as William “Wild Bill” Neff. His role in the team it that of an expert tracker.

Most of the time, he is seen helping Willy. Whenever the team requires heavy lifting, he is always there to do it.

Moreover, he brings some uniqueness into the show. This he does very well with his comedian and humorous traits. This keeps the show lively and interesting to watch.

Neff Net Worth

William Neff’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000.


He has accumulated his net worth from his longtime career as a U.S Marine Corp. He has also been in the entertainment industry as an actor for a long time now. Also, his appearance in the Mountain Monsters has greatly boosted his net worth.

Wiki sources have revealed that William Neff is paid about $17,000 per episode.

William Neff Married, Wife, Children

William Neff’s married life has remained a great secret. Neither has it disclosed anything related to a wife or children.

The celeb has never mentioned his wife or children in the series. Therefore, with this much secrecy, it is difficult to determine his marital status.

William Neff Dead or Alive? What Is He Doing Now?

William Neff is still alive.

Image of Mountain Monsters cast William Neff is still alive

Mountain Monsters cast William Neff is still alive

In many occasions, most of the Mountain Monsters have been said they are dead. Later, it is discovered that they are still alive.

This prospection may come about because of the nature of their job. Dealing with wild monsters is undoubtedly very risky.

As for William Neff, there has not been any trusted news confirming that he is dead. If that was the case, the Mountain Monsters would have officially announced it.

As of now, he is still practicing his career as a television personality. He is still that expert tracker for the AIMS team.


William “Wild Bill” Neff is a television personality and actor. His wife and children are not known. Neither is it known whether he is married or not. His current net worth is estimated to be above $500,000.

Quick Facts about Mountain Monsters William Neff

Name William Neff
Age 29
Birthdate 15th September 1989
Birthplace Clay County, United States
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Not known
Siblings Not known
Career Television Personality, Actor
Net worth Over $500,000
Wife Not known
Children Not known
Body measurements Not known

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