Mountain Men George Michaud wiki, bio, net worth, wife, dead or alive

Mountain Men is one of the hit reality series airing on the History Channel. In case you have been catching up with the series, the name George Michaud should not come as a surprise to you. In this article, we chose to focus on him today. Particularly, the article will be revealing George Michaud’s net worth and his career journey. On a personal level, the piece will further disclose George Michaud’s wife and children if he happens to have any. Before we get to all this how about, we start by understanding the gentleman’s bio and perhaps aspects of his early life. 


George Michaud is an American categorizing in the white ethnicity. His age is a bit challenging to discern. This is because his actual birth date and birthplace remain hidden from any reputable sources. The case is the same for his weight and weight.

The gentleman grew up in Fort Collins rooted in Colorado although he currently stays along the banks of Snake River and the Teton Range in Idaho. It was here that he got the basic wilderness survival skills. However, he says that his mother was very instrumental in building these survival skills. Michaud spent most of his childhood engaging in trapping activities alongside his uncle. Notably, he would lay traps for beavers, and as a result, he developed passion in trapping in the mountains.

Other than the mention of George Michaud mother and uncle, there is no information about the parents and siblings of the star. In relation to his educational background, although no specific detail is given, it is mentioned in his wiki that after completing high school, he started trapping in North Park alongside his friends and also spent most of his time in the wilderness. As a result, it is correct to state that the gentleman underwent an educational system. Also, in 1987 Dave Wescott sent him an invitation for him to take up classes at Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS).


You may know him as a television star, but his television personality career was attributed to his trapping career which he began while he was still very young as indicated in the previous section.

As a result, he got an opportunity to be part of the Mountain Men crew since much of this series has much to do with his career as a Trapper.

However, his presence was not there during the first season of the show. This is because the gentleman joined the showed while it was in its second season.

Image of George Michaud from Mountain Men show

George Michaud from Mountain Men show

Necessary to pin down is that besides being a television star and a professional Trapper. The gentleman is also an educator. Notably, he teaches leather making, brain tanning, dog sledding, and winter survival skills.

His training career began a few months after he left BOSS as a student. This is because, upon the completion of his studies here, he went back to the institution as a teacher. It was also during this specific period that he attended the Rabbit Stick annual event without fail.

At some point, he was also an entrepreneur since he owned and operated a dog sled touring firm and 4 Paw Power in Driggs rooted in Idaho. This was from 1989 to 1994.

Other than giving him an increased fan base, one of the achievements of George Michaud’s career is that it has enabled him to discover a trapping method. The trapping method presently identifies as promontory peg. It has been used by the various trapper who understands its purpose in their trapping activities.

George Michaud’s wife. Their children

The gentleman is not married hence you cannot talk about George Michaud’s wife presently. The fact that he is not married does not mean that he is living a lonely life because he seems to be enjoying the company of his career.

Image of George Michaud is currently single

George Michaud is currently single

Moreover, he has a set of sled dogs at his home place along the banks of Snake River and the Teton. Based on the look of things, it is an apparent possibility of ever being anyone with the titled George Michaud’s wife, but we will let you know just in case anything emerges about his love life.

George Michaud’s net worth

Acting especially reality series is one of the careers that have been said to earn one a desirable salary as well as net worth in this current Era. With this in mind, you can expect George Michaud’s net worth to something substantial, right?

Before unveiling this let us first attempt to know how much the guy earns annually. Unfortunately, there are no details about the monthly income this gentleman pockets either annually or monthly. Fortunately, information about his salary is left open and known to the public.

According to reputable sources, George Michaud’s net worth as of the end of 2018 was estimated to being $100,000. The figure as of early 2019 is yet to be reviewed and conveyed. 

Image of Mountain Men cast George Michaud net worth is $100,000

Mountain Men cast George Michaud net worth is $100,000


George Michaud is an American reality television star. He is famous today because of his presence in Mountain Men which airs on History Channel. His passion for wilderness since he was a child is what has made him a guru in surviving in wild areas hence getting a spot easily on the show.

Quick Facts about George Michaud

Name George Michaud
Age Not Known
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV Personality, a reality star
Net worth $100,000
Wife None
Children None
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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