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The world has seen a lot of reality TV shows. However, there are those that have always stood out. Among the most notable shows has been the Sky Black Ink Crew. The show is currently being aired on the VH1 channel. What makes this show stand out so much is the fact that it is able to come up with different plot lines at the beginning of every episode. This article will be highlighting on the life of Sky, one of the members of the Black Ink Crew. Sky is quite an interesting and fun character.

Learn more about Black Ink Crew star Sky’s net worth, dating life, boyfriend, pregnant, sons, and wiki-bio.

Black Ink Crew Sky Net Worth And Salary

It has often been said that the success of any business organization is greatly determined by the reception. With proper reception service, the chances of the company dominating the market are quite high. For the Black Ink Crew, this is where Sky comes in handy. She is so good at the job. From the statistics gathered, she is the fourth richest member of the crew. In as much as the public does not know how much she takes home as salary at the end of every month, her net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $4 million.

A good portion of this fortune has been acquired from her services at the reality television show. However, Sky has over the years also been involved in acting. Her famous work was the Sacred Famous.

Image of Sky from Black Ink Crew net worth is $4 million

Sky from Black Ink Crew net worth is $4 million

Sky Tv Shows, Career

Sky will be remembered for the outstanding role she played at the Black Ink Crew and the Hip Hop Square in 2012. About one year ago, she acted in the movie, ‘Sacred Famous’. Sky was just a simple makeup artist before becoming an actress and a receptionist at the Black Ink Crew.

Sky Married To Husband Or Dating Boyfriend? Meet Her Son

People have always viewed children as direct blessings from the lord. However, such may not be the case when a child herself gets pregnant. That was the case for Sky a couple of years ago. Her life must have been full of chaos and frustrations due to the fact that she gave birth to two children while she was only fourteen. Her boys were Dessaline and Genesis. Since she could not deal with the pressure which came with parenting, Sky’s mother thought it wise to put the children up for adoption.

Image of Sky from Black Ink Crew and her son

Sky from Black Ink Crew has two sons after her pregnancy at the age of 14

Nobody can tell for sure who the father of the children is. However, in one of the episodes of the Black Ink Crew, a man showed up claiming to be the father. Sky’s reaction was so obnoxious. She visibly looked terrified. She simply denied the man. At the moment, it cannot be confirmed whether Sky is married or is seeing someone. However, it is not foreseeable that Sky could get married in the near future. Her childhood experience with men must have really traumatized and discouraged her from dating and relationships.

Sky Wiki, Bio, Age, Real Name

Sky’s real name is Jo Keita. However, most people find this name rather mouthful. It is for this reason that they would prefer to call him Jakeita Days. She is one of the best personalities one would ever come across. Born on the 19th of September 1983, Jokeita is currently 35 years old. In spite of being knocked up with 2 sons at the age of 14, Jokeita has over the years worked her way up and is currently financially very stable.

Jokeita grew up in Harlem, New York. Unfortunately, the internet has never been able to know who here real parents are. To make it even more difficult, Sky has been very reluctant to talk about them. Perhaps her days under parental care were so terrible that she would not want to talk about them with anyone.

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