Are Arden Rose and boyfriend Will Darbyshire still dating? Know their relationship details

Arden Rose is a popular YouTube and internet personality. She first began as YouTuber sharing quirky videos on beauty and lifestyle tips. Do you know what kind of video content she produces today? What mysteries does the Guidance star have up her sleeve? Get to know about Arden Rose and her love life with boyfriend Will Darbyshire. Read her wiki.

Arden Rose and her boyfriend Will Darbyshire

Arden Rose and fellow YouTuber Will Darbyshire have been in a relationship for nearly 3 years now. Arden and Will have been head over heels in love with each other since they met. They also have plans on settling down together.

Arden and Will enjoy working together on various projects. They have several videos and vlogs posted on their Youtube channels – Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire. Some videos answering fan questions while others are about all the fun things a 20s couple do in their life.

Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire

Arden Rose with Will Darbyshire

The duo also has a podcast they run on SoundCloud – “Crash on my Couch” where they discuss everything from conspiracy theories to weird cultures of Japan to answering questions about relationships, happiness, and get revenge.

A short bio on Will Darbyshire

Will Darbyshire is an English Youtuber, a filmmaker, born on February 26, 1993, who uploads vlogs to his self-titled channel “Will Darbyshire”. He posted his first video back on January 1, 2014. Will’s channel has now accumulated over 650,000 subscribers. You can quite well call him a social media phenomenon.

Arden Rose Bio

Arden Rose Ricks was born on May 3rd, 1995. Arden has 3 Youtube channels: Arden Rose – main channel, Arden Vlogs, and ARose Games. She has differed from the type of content she used to post previously. She now talks about editing, music choices, and feminist politics in her videos.

She started her Youtube journey at the age of 14 and now has over 1.4 million subscribers on her main channel.

Arden Rose

Arden has a part of two movies. She played a student government schemer Hadley in “Mr. Student Body President,” and the role of an overachieving Hillary in “Guidance.”

Arden is also immensely popular on other social sites. She has a million followers on Instagram and 556K followers on Twitter.

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