What Happened to Val Kilmer? What is he doing today in 2018?

How can we ever forget the actor who spectacularly portrayed Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone or him as the naval aviator “Iceman” in Top Gun? Yes, we are talking about Mr.Val Kilmer who also portrayed Batman in the 1995 Batman movie – Batman Forever. Now there have been many rumors that Val Kilmer is on his deathbed after his touch and go experience with throat cancer. Find out if it is true, his net worth and what is Val Kilmer doing now in 2018 below.

What has happened with Val Kilmer’s health?

It’s not been long since Val Kilmer has come forth to admit that he has been battling for his life. Val has been fighting esophageal cancer for the past three years. He tried to keep his condition hidden until only recently, December of last year, admitting to his status. And according to his close friends (uncredited), Val Kilmer’s health issues are growing with him growing weaker as the years pass. Cancer has left him weak and with difficulty in speaking.

The 57-year-old actor says that cancer has given him a different outlook on his life. He says he would be upset on not receiving an Oscar he was nominated for and that he wants to be loved and like to have more Oscars than anybody.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer’s Net worth in 2018

Val Kilmer today an approximate net worth of $25 million. Val Kilmer drew in this net worth with his work that can be seen in the various roles he has portrayed on stage, movies, and television.

About Val Kilmer

On December 31, 1959, in Los Angeles, Val Kilmer was born Val Edward Kilmer. He was only a student in the Drama Division in Julliard School when he started his career as a stage actor in the play How It All Began. Val Kilmer got his most significant break when he bagged a role in the Top Secret! Val Kilmer has worked in movies like Top Gun, Kill Me Again, Tombstone, Batman Forever, Palo Alto and many more, throughout his career.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer married actress Joanne Whalley in March 1988. The duo met and fell for each other while working on the movie Willow. They had two children – daughter Mercedes Kilmer and son Jack Kilmer. Following irreconcilable differences, the duo divorced in February 1996.

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