Is Karen Gillan Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Karen Gillan is an actress most popular for her role as Amy Pond, the companion of Doctor Who. Also, her role as Nebula in the Marvel movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: End game seem more popular now.

Karen seems to keep her romantic life under wraps, so stay with us to know all about her dating life and boyfriend history. Is Karen gay? Or is she dating? Who is her boyfriend if she is dating?

Early Life and Introduction

Born on 28 November 1987, Karen is currently 32 years of age. She is born and raised in Inverness, Scotland, by her parents Marie Paterson and John Gillan. Her father John is also a singer and recording artist. Karen has always been keen about acting, and she joined differed theaters in her locale.

Karen graduated high school from Charleston Academy, and when she was 16, she moved to Edinburgh. She completed the HNC acting and performance course at Telford College. After her time in Telford, she studied acting under a famous theatre director, Scott Johnston, at the Performing Arts Studio in Scotland.

Karen moved to London at 18 years old and joined Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts drama school. She started making appearances in TV from her time in this school. Before Gilan’s acting career took off, she even worked as a model at the launch party of Nicola’s Robert’s Dainty Doll Make-Up Range.

After a short period of modeling, Karen said she has no intention of returning to modeling. She had a goal to become an actress, and she enjoyed modeling when she did it.


Karen’s career started after she joined Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts as she got her first role. She dropped out of her school to be able to play a role in an episode of ITV crime drama Rebus. Gillan later played multiple characters in the comedy stint The Kevin Bishop Show for two years. She has also played in a horror project called The Well for BBC.

But, Karen’s career indeed took off after she portrayed Amy Pond in the famous TV  series Doctor Who. She had appeared on the popular series once before as the soothsayer. Karen was awarded the Young Scot Award in 2010, following her role as Amy Pond.

She played the role time and again over the next few years, with the last time being the Christmas special of 2013 “The Time of the Doctor.

Karen got her first role as a TV lead in 2014 in a single-camera sitcom as Eliza Dooley. The show’s name is Selfie, and it got canceled after seven episodes aired on TV, but the rest of the episodes were still later made available on Hulu shortly after.

As for movies, Karen has worked on several films, but the role she is most known for is her role as Nova on the Disney Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy.  She even got an award for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy and Oculus as the Best Female Newcomer during the 20th Empire Awards.

Other famous roles of Gilan are from the movies The Circle and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Image of Karen Gillan from the movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Karen Gillan from the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Throughout her career, Karen has been nominated for loads of awards and has even bagged some of them, like, Best Female Newcomer at the 20th Empire awards and Young Scot Award in 2010.  She also has two Best Ensemble Cast Award, Detroit Film Critics Society, and Nevada Film Critics Society.

Karen Gillan Dating and Boyfriend History

Gillan is either really good at keeping things under wraps; otherwise, she is just genuinely single. As of 2019, she doesn’t have any partner, but in the past, she’s had a flame.

Digging deep, we found that Karen was once romantically involved with a British-bloke Patric Green. Patric was a photographer and Karen’s boyfriend for six years from 2006 to 2012.

But in 2013, Karen had to move to the USA for the movie Occulus, which might have been the reason for their parting. Or perhaps Karen took on the project to get away from Patric and the place they shared.

Image of Actress, Karen Gillan is currently single now

Actress, Karen Gillan is currently single now

After her relation with Patric, Gillan has been paired with many co-stars.  But none of them ever gave a conclusion due to lack of substantial proof. She was even paired with British actor Andrew Brooke but that also just ended up being speculation only without any evidence.

Either way, we can assume that Karen isn’t gay looking at the past relationship. But if Karen might have come to acknowledge a different side of herself, she hasn’t made any comments suggesting such.

But, what we can say is, Karen is very charming, and no matter if she is gay or straight, there will be suitors who will be blessed to have a relationship with her.

Karen Gillan Net Worth

Throughout her career from the young age of 16, Karen has garnered a lot of fame over time. Coming to Hollywood, she is one of the most popular actresses right now. Giving her all to every role she does, even going as far as shaving her head, she is an amazing actress.

As of 2019, Karen Gillan has a confirmed net worth of $2 million. While most of her revenue comes from acting, she has also delved into writing and directing. It is unknown what she makes yearly, but looking at her net worth, we can assume it to be pretty substantial.

Karen has also worked as a part of the campaign, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer(FTBC), helping them promote. Gillan has also pledged to support the mental health charity as a measure for the high suicide rate in the Scottish Highlands.

Karen Gilan Fast Facts

  • Caitlin Blackwood is Karen’s cousin and played the younger version of Amy Pond in the Doctor Who series along with Karen.
  • Karen actively advocates for mental health awareness.
  • Gillan learned to play the piano when she was seven.
  • Kate Sackhoff and Karen are good friends.
  • In 2018, she released the first movie where she starred and was the writer and director; Movie name The Party’s Just Begining

Karen Gilan Boyfriend, Dating, Net Worth, Bio

Name Karen Gillan
Date of Birth 28 November 1987
Birthplace Inverness, Scotland, UK
Education The University of Edinburgh (Telford College)
Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
Edinburgh College (Granton Campus)
Profession Actress, Writer, Director
Spouse none
Children None
Net Worth $2 million
Height  1.8m (5ft 10.8inches)
Zodiac/Star sign Sagittarius

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