The Last Alaskans star Edna Korth’s family life and net worth details

Edna Korth is one of the leading cast members of the reality TV show, The Last Alaskans. She has been appearing on the show since its first season. The show successfully completed its third season in May 2017.

Edna Korth short bio: Age and family life

Edna was born on January 24, 1954. She is a Yupik Eskimo. She is married to Heimo Korth, who left his blue-collar life as a welder in Wisconsin to live a life of a mountain man in Alaska as a teenager. He is also a regular on The Last Alaskans.

Edna and Heimo have been married for over 36 years. In fact, they recently celebrated their 36th anniversary on Edna’s birthday this year. Before Heimo, Edna was married to an anonymous man. She has a daughter named Millie from her first marriage. Millie lived with her mother and stepdad.

Heimo Korth wife Edna Korth with their children.

Edna Korth with husband Heimo Korth and their children

Edna and husband Heimo Korth were blessed with their first child, a baby daughter, on May 29, 1982. They had named her Coleen Ann Korth after the Coleen River. Unfortunately, a tragic incident took Coleen’s life in 1984. She was just two years and five days old when she drowned in a river accident. The family never discovered her body.

After Coleen, the couple has had two other daughters – Rhonda and Krin. Their youngest daughter, Krin, is a firefighter and is married to a Marine named Scott. Edna and Heimo are now grandparents to two kids – a girl and a boy.

How much is Edna Korth’s net worth?

Edna has spent the majority of her life in the wild woods and mountains, far from the modern world. She got the opportunity to come in front of the world as a reality TV star when Half Yard Productions decided to follow a few families who live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and make a TV show on them. The TV show originally aired on Animal Planet and is currently a part of Discovery Channel.

Edna Korth with husband Heimo Korth

Edna Korth with husband Heimo Korth

Edna has earned widespread popularity from the show, and supposedly, she has earned a huge fortune as well. However, exact details of her net worth have not been revealed yet.

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