Actor Cameron Dallas rumored to be gay. Is it true? Or is he dating some girlfriend?

Remember how one-day vines took over the Internet? People from all over the world were uploading these 6-second videos of them doing basically anything. Vine was founded in 2012 by Vine Labs and was launched by Twitter. The service inspired an impressive number of people to create content. From sports and fan made stuff to comedians, musicians, and actors, everyone was making vines. The Vine community shaped pop culture for the last 3 years. Vine was shut down in 2017, but it didn’t go in vain. With their content going viral, a lot of persons gained their fame through vines. American actor Cameron Dallas is a good example. He started making vines in 2012, playing pranks on his friends and family. Now he is one of social media’s most popular personalities. So is the guy dating, does he have a girlfriend, or is he gay?

Is the rumor about Cameron Dallas being gay true?

Dallas gained millions of followers over the span of almost 4 years. He did this by making vines and vlogging on YouTube. His charisma and good looks got a lot of girls dreaming of being his girlfriend. Not only that, but he is quite popular among gay communities as well. No wonder about that. There are several videos online and gay forums full of guys who wish they had Cameron as their boyfriend. Thus the question: is Dallas gay or does he have a girlfriend? A while back, there was a rumor that Cameron might actually be gay and looking for a boyfriend. This, of course, had a few gay guys hoping to have a chance as the star’s boyfriend. However, the rumor did not last, as he denied it on Twitter. He posted an update in which he clearly stated that he is not a homosexual.

Cameron’s dating history, girlfriend, and relationship status

Cameron’s fans are totally invested in the star’s quest to find the perfect girlfriend. Until that, let’s talk about Cameron’s dating history. Although Dallas has been spotted several times in the company of beautiful girls, he said he’s not been in a serious relationship for a while. Recently, he talked about his ex-girlfriend on a live stream on YouNow. Although fans expected something else, Cameron said that he’s only had ONE girlfriend, named Jasmine. Jasmine and Cameron dated for about three months, according to the YouTube star.

Cameron Dallas and Jasmine

Caption: Dallas and Jasmine

His fans are now investigating his relationship with Hailey Baldwin. She and Cameron have been hanging out lately, but there’s no confirmation that the two might be dating. However, if they are, indeed, dating, let’s hope they’ll let us know soon.

A few days ago, Cameron talked about his dating goals, describing the perfect girl for him. He said he wants to settle down and have six or more kids with a girl who talks a lot and makes him laugh. He wants to feel comfortable around her and feel like she completes him. However, he also said that he doesn’t want to rush anything. So he may or may not be looking for a girlfriend right now.

Short bio

Cameron was born in 1994 in LA. He grew up in Chino, California and was raised by his mother, Gina. He also has an older sister named Sierra Dallas. At the age of 20, he played the role of a prankster in ‘Expelled’, a comedy produced by AwesomenessTV. One year later, he and Nash Grier played in the movie ‘The Outfield’. He signed a contract with Netflix in 2016 for a series about himself, called ‘Chasing Cameron’. Finally, if you want to see some of his content, here’s his channel, which currently has over 5.5 million subscribers.

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