Merrell’s Twins’ Veronica Merrell’s boyfriend! Merrell’s Twins’ age & height

Have you ever pondered how great it would be if there could be another person who looks and thinks like you? Some people get to live this fantasy and we call them twins. Speaking of twins let us talk to the famous Merrell twins from Youtube. How much do you know about the one-half of the twins, Veronica Merrell? Who is she dating or does she already have a boyfriend? Also learn about her parents, Merrell twins, age, height and bio.

Veronica Merrell’ Boyfriend and Dating Life:

Veronica Merrell isn’t very open about her relationship and boyfriend. At first, we found video and twitter post saying she had found a boyfriend on June 2016 but it turned out to be just a joke as her “Boyfriend” turned out to be a ‘Grow Your Boyfriend’ toy made up of polymer ball like substance.

However, we surfed through her YouTube channel ‘merrelltwins’ she runs with her twin sister Vanessa Merrell. There we found her first boyfriend Nathan May. Nathan dated Veronica back during elementary school and was visiting the twins in August 2016 from their home town Missouri. He appeared in their video ‘First Boyfriend Tag’ where they discussed their relationship like their first kiss and looked at old pictures of them.

Besides Nathan, Veronica is also rumored to have been dating magician and singer Collin Keys. The two never classified each other as girlfriend and boyfriend but they appeared in several of videos together especially challenges like ‘Eat it or Wear it Challenge’, ‘Bean Boozled Challenge’ and ‘Candy Cane Challenge’. Fans have even put up videos of them even giving them the cute couple Vollin. They were reportedly dating from February to June 2016.

As of now, Veronica is single.

Where Do Merrell Twins Live? Their Father:

Many of the Merrell twins fans all want to know about where they live. After all, Jake Paul has set a trend for having fans line up over outside the Team 10 house. Although we can’t tell you where the Merrell twins exactly live, even if we could, the two have been living in Los Angeles, California after they moved here when they were 16 years of age.

Before some guys get the wrong ideas they better beware of their father. Their father is Paul Merrell and you might see him often in their videos and Instagram page as well. His Instagram page tells us that he is not any less active online than his daughters posting tons of pictures every day. Their father is also an important person in their life who helped and supported them in their career. It is not just their father but their mother is also equally lovely.

Merrell Twin’s Age, Height, and Bio:

The Merrell twins were both born on 26th August 1996 which means they will be turning 21 this month. Veronica is the older sister being 45 minutes older than Vanessa. We have already discussed their father Paul Merrell. Their hometown is Kansas City, Missouri, USA but they currently reside in LA, California since they were 16. Veronica and Vanessa’s height is estimated to be 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 3 inches respectively but a citation is needed. Both the twins are multi-talented in acting, singing, modeling and song writing.

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