Matt Lauer’s Married Life with Wife and Children. Also Learn His Affairs, Divorce and Past Wives

It is very unlikely that life gives you second chances, even more, unlikely for people to captivate this chance. However, journalist Matt Lauer, fortunately, got both the chances. You recognize him as a reputed NBC journalist but what is he like when it comes to family life. Learn in detail about the married life of Matt Lauer with his wife and children. Also find out about his past affairs, divorce, and net worth.

Matt Lauer’s Wife and Children:

Matt Lauer comes as a well-established guy on TV due to his talented nature and sharp skills is journalism. Everyone who knows him is well acquainted with this side of him and barely knows the family side of him. In his family life, he is a very good husband to longtime wife Annette Roque and a greater father for their 3 children together.

Matt Lauer Family

Matt Lauer with his wife Annette Roque and sons Thijs, Jack Matthew Lauer and Romy.

Source: HitBerry

The husband and wife have been married since 1998 and have been going 21 and strong. Matt’s wife Annette is former European model from Netherlands and also a UN ambassador. They had 3 children together; Jack Mathew Lauer born in 2001, Romy and Thijs born on 2003 and 2006 respectively.

Matt was previously married to his ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh, a TV producer who has worked for programs such as ’60 Minutes’ and ‘ABC News’. Matt married the Emmy award winning producer in 1996 but got a divorce shortly after in 1998 the same year he married Annette. It seems as though the former spouse has no bad blood between them as she also went on to marry TV executive H. Read Jackson later. Sadly Jackson passed away in 2016 at the age of 71.

Matt Lauer Nancy Alspaugh

Matt Lauer and his ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh.

Divorce and Affairs:

Speaking of divorce, Matt was very close to receiving a second devastating one from his current wife Annette Roque. Yes, the former model had filed for a divorce in 2006. In the filed papers she had stated the cause of the divorce to be Matt’s “cruel and inhumane treatment” who displayed “extreme anger and hostility” towards her. The reports also included that he was more vested in his self-interests rather than his family’s leaving his wife to care alone for her children.

However, it seems like Annette had a change of hearts and took back the divorce papers and the rest, as they say, is history. They have now lived a happy marital life for 21 years now. This was not the only complications that arose with Matt Lauer’s married life. Like his career has a bunch of controversies like the ‘Clinton-Trump Forum’ his personal life is riddled with rumors of affairs.

Donald Trump and Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer interviewing president Donald Trump.

Source: The Wrap

In 2014 when the couple was in the midst of celebrating their 16-year anniversary rumors of his affair broke out. Many witnesses claimed to have seen the 49-year-old flirting with an unknown woman in a Rangers game. He was seen being cozy with the mystery woman at one point even pulling her intimately close to whisper something in her ear. What was more controversial was that Matt was accompanied by his son Jack who was 14 years of age then and must have understood about his father’s infidelity.

That was not all to the affairs connected to him. Shortly after the divorce of Italian-American celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis rumors speculated the cause of their separation to be her affairs with various people. His name was also included alongside names like singer John Mayer. Both Matt and Deda denied these claims saying they were not more than good friends. There was also another preposterous rumor going around in 2012 that he was the actual father of his co-anchor ‘Natalie Morales’s 3-year-old son. Although people claimed that Natalie’s son and Matt bared resemblance the news distributors themselves expressed the story only because of its juiciness.

So besides all these obvious false rumors, Matt has been a loyal and faithful husband.

Matt Lauer’s Bio and Net Worth:

Matt Lauer born Matthew Todd Lauer is 49 years old host of ‘The Today Show’ born on 30th December 1957 in New York City, New York, USA. He was born to parents Jay Robert Lauer and Marilyn Kolmer currently divorced since 1997. He has worked as a contributor for Dateline NBC, anchor of WNBC and host of PM magazine. This is no surprise how he has a staggering net worth of around 60 million dollars. His house alone is rated to be at an asking price of 65 million dollars. So this is enough to show that Matt not only has a successful family life but also a career.

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