Hot model Sarah McDaniel’s eyes are fake or not! Her age and Instagram activities

The American super model Sarah McDaniel is one among the hot topic of every article of magazines these days. Let us go deeper into her personal life and controversies

Originally born as a heterochromatic, hot Sarah McDaniel has two colored eyes i.e. blue colored left eye and hazel colored right eye. Though initially, Sarah used to hide her condition through contact lenses, she has now confessed the truth.

Although she has confessed about her condition publicly, controversies have raised that she is lying about the condition in order to get fame. Also, her haters claim that she uses different colored lenses (fake eyes) in both eyes to make it look different. But are her eyes really fake?

Hot Sarah McDaniel in sexy pose

Sarah McDaniel’s eye difference

Denying to this controversy, Sarah claims that she is originally heterochromatic, to which she was bullied during her childhood and young age. So, she had started using eye lenses (fake eyes) ever since as a young girl in order to get rid of embarrassing situations at that age. She does not have fake eyes but she has a condition named “HETEROCHROMIA IRIDIUM”. Well, what is Heterochromia???

Heterochromia Iridium is a rare genetical and congenital condition in which a person pertains different color of lenses of eyes. Exciting isn’t it?

Sarah McDaniel’s Instagram activities

The hot model of today, Sara McDaniel is also an active member of social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Her Instagram pictures are totally admirable. Most of her pictures from Instagram have received more than 1000 likes. Besides Instagram, she has also a lot of fan followers on twitter. Until today, she has 2,914 followers on Instagram and more than 7,000 followers on twitter.

Sarah McDaniel’s age and bio

The 21 years old aged McDaniel was born on 30 July 1995 in Roseville, California. Starting her career as a model actor of few music videos, she had also done some small photo shoots before rising to fame.

Today, she is also well known for her photo as Play boy magazine’s first non-nude issue in 2016. Her role as a model in Mark Ronson song “Summer Breakings/ Daffodils” featuring Kevin Parker and G-Eazy’s “Some kind of Drug” featuring Marc E Bassy are also known to all. At this very young age, the success that this sexy and hot model has gained in a short duration is totally admirable. We wish her best in her path of success.

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