Aaren Simpson Bio, Siblings, Parents, Grandparents, Death, Facts about O.J. Simpson’s Daughter

Aaren Simpson is a name that may not be familiar to many people, but apparently, she happens to be the daughter of O.J. Simpson a former NFL player who rocked back in the 90s due to his rare skill in the field. The late Aaren Simpson died a mysterious death which I will, later on, give further details about.

Learn more about Aaren Simpson, O.J. Simpson’s Daughter’s siblings, parents, and grandparents. Also more about how did we lose O.J. Simpson’s daughter? Keep scrolling!

Who is Aaren Simpson?

Aaren Simpson was born on 24 September 1977 in California, United States of America. Her parents are Simpson and Whitley. Her paternal grandparents were Jimmy Lee Simpson. Aaren is not fully recognized by the world because she died at the age of two back in August 1979. Therefore, she never grew up to enjoy a career or make new friends.

Aaren Simpson Parents

The late Aaren was the daughter to O.J. Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley. The couple had three children named Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason L. Simpson and Aaren. The couple got married on 24 June 1967 when O.J Simpson was at the age of 19.

Image of Aaren Simpson father O.J. Simpson and mother Marguerite L. Whitley

Aaren Simpson father O.J. Simpson and mother Marguerite L. Whitley

O.J Simpson met Nicole Brown, who was a waitress at a night club and had an affair with her. She began dating her though he was still married to Whitley. After things got tough, the two, officially divorced on March 1979.

O.J Simpson is a famous NFL player and also a good actor. Even before his retirement, he embarked on some films like The Klansman aired in 1974, The Cassandra Crossing in 1976. Simpson also began his own production company, Orenthal production that focused on family-oriented TV films. Besides acting, Simpson commentated for the Monday Night Football and the NFL on ABC channel.

As for Aaren’s mother, very few details are known about her. Ever since the divorce with Aaren Simpson’s father, she has been off the limelight. No one knows about her Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profile as of 2019.

Aaren Simpson Grandparents

Aaren had two recognized grandparents who were both paternal. Details of her maternal grandparents are not known by any online sources. The grandmother was known as Eunice, and she worked as a hospital administrator.

The grandfather, Jimmy Lee Simpson, was a chef and a bank curator. Aaren had other recognized relatives too. She had one paternal uncle, Melvin Leon and two paternal Aunts namely Shirley and Carmelita.

Aaren Simpson Siblings

Aaren had five siblings in total. The first born is known as Arnelle Simpson born in 1968, followed by Jason L. Simpson born in 1970. Aaren became the third born. Generally, these were her biological siblings before O.J divorced Whitley.

O.J Simpson had other children with his second wife, Nicole Brown. The couple had two children, Sydney Brook Simpson born on 1985 and Justin Ryan Simpson born on 1988.

Image of Aaren Simpson father O.J. Simpson second wife Nicole Brown and with their kids

Aaren Simpson father O.J. Simpson second wife Nicole Brown and with their kids

Personal life

Aaren Simpson died at the age of two. At that point, she was still too young to be in a relationship or marriage. Sadly, the world never came to hear more about Aaren since, after her death, media retarded from talking about her up to date.

Aaren Simpson Death, Cause of Death

Aaren Simpson’s death brought a lot of speculation that claimed O.J. Simpson was negligent for such a tragic event to happen. Simpson died at the family’s pool when it was only one month to her birthday. She fell into the pool in August 1979.

Paramedics rushed to their family home and found the kid’s body lying aside the pool. They carried out several attempts of reviving her through CPR, which worked. Aaren was placed on a life support machine and rushed to the UCLA medical center, where she was in a coma till her demise on 26 August 1979. Her cause of death was named as Respiratory failure.

Image of Aaren Simpson died on August 26, 1979 due to Respiratory failure.

Aaren Simpson died on August 26, 1979, due to Respiratory failure.

The death came at a tragic time just when Whitley and O.J had gone through a divorce. Her burial was more of a private funeral service with only close family members, relatives, and friends attending the function. O.J during the burial suggested that they make donations towards the UCLA Cancer Research center, which seemed odd since no one in the family had reports of having cancer.

After the burial, O.J. Simpson released a press statement thanking everyone for their prayers, kind gestures, phone calls and generally well wishes across the family. This is because it helped to unite the family since O.J had just divorced his wife.


Aaren Simpson died at the age of two. Her accurate weight, height, shoe size number, and other measurements are not known by the public. However, she had black eyes and black hair. Before her demise, she was not active in any social media account because of her young age.


Aaren has never been in marriage due to her death at a young age. She also did not get the chance to have a net worth due to her premature death. Aaren Simpson never got the chance to have children due to her age before her demise.

Aaren Simpson Wiki-Bio, Real Name, Family, Facts

Birth name Aaren Lashone Simpson
Birth Place California, United States
Date of Birth 24th September 1977
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Horoscope Libra
Siblings Two biological, three non-Biological
Death-O-Meter Dead

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