Who is ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill’s married to? Know his wife & also find out his net worth

Dusty Hill and his wife, Charleen “Chuck” McCrory, have been married for almost two decades now. They have a big house in Dickinson, Texas. Dusty’s long-term career as the ZZ Top bassist has done wonders for his net worth, which is estimated to be around $60 million.

Details on Dusty Hill and wife Charleen McCrory’s wedding

Dusty tied the knot with his then-girlfriend of over a decade, Charleen, on March 23, 2002, in Houston. Charleen is a filmmaker and actress. They had decided to have a private wedding first but later opted to go grand.

ZZ Top Drummer Frank Beard was the best man at the wedding. Dusty surprised his wife with a sweet rendition of Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. They honeymooned in New York.

Dusty Hill and  his wife, Charleen McCrory

It’s not known if Dusty has any children by Charleen. He does have a daughter named Charity from his previous marriage.

ZZ Top’s longevity contributed to Dusty Hill’s net worth

Dusty founded ZZ Top in 1969 with vocalist Billy Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard. They released their debut album in 1971. Their 1983 album Eliminator sold over 10 million copies in the United States, making ZZ Top one of the 100 best selling artists in the country. By 2014, they had sold over $50 million albums worldwide.

On the band’s longevity, Dusty said,

“It’s a cliche and sounds so simplistic, but it’s down to the three of us genuinely enjoying playing together. We still love it, and we still get a kick out of being on stage. We also have enough in common to maintain a bond between us but sufficient differences to keep our individuality. And after all this time, we all know what winds up the others and what makes them the people they are.”

Dusty Hill

Dusty’s net worth of $60 million is also an accumulation of his salary from movies and event appearances. In 2014, he purchased a Williamson County estate from country singer Cheryl Crow for $3.4 million. In February 2017, he sold the property for more than double the cost price. Well, isn’t that a smart way to make some extra cash!

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