Young Thug’s Net Worth Career

Jeffery Lamar Williams, widely known as Young Thug, is an American rapper. Born in 1991, he entered the hip hop scene in 2011 with a series of mixtapes. Since then, Young Thug has made a name for himself, climbing the ranks among America’s most respected rappers. He is recognizable by his unique vocal style. While some people dig his eccentric singing technique, there are a few haters as well, who do not approve of his sometimes unintelligible lyrics. His music is seen as intriguing by many. Nevertheless, Young Thug brought something new and refreshing to the hip-hop scene. Unpredictable and unconventional, the rapper has got himself a pretty huge fan base around the world. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and see how the rapper started his career and what his net worth is.

Young Thug’s net worth

Obviously, the rapper generates his net worth through his concerts and mixtapes. Thug’s journey toward his huge net worth began in 2011. The first one to notice the rapper’s potential was Gucci Mane. This happened after the rapper released a series of mixtapes called ‘I Came from Nothing’ over the span of two years. In 2013, Mane brought Jeffery to his label, 1017 Brick Squad Records. Shortly after, Thug released the ‘1017 Thug’ mixtape. His weird style got him included in a few lists by 2013’s, including Complex‘s 50 Best Albums of 2013. So far so good. Young Thug was already foreseeing a massive increase in his net worth.

Young Thug net worth

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One year later, Thugga, as he is sometimes referred to, was already working with renowned rapper Kanye West. Also in 2014, Thugga claimed the spotlight with his debut single, ‘Stoner’. As Kanye himself said, Young Thug has an impressive ability to create songs really fast. The obvious boost in his net worth made Thug use this ability to its fullest extent. He kept composing and releasing track after track. So far, he has released four mixtapes, which have generated a massive net worth. With his albums selling like fresh bread and collabs with artists like Pharrell and Drake, Thugga’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

Caption: Young Thug debut single ‘Stoner’

The everlasting feud with the police

The eccentric rapper has had his fair share of unhappy encounters with the law. A notable one is the one that happened in December 2016. Thugger was Christmas shopping in a mall in Atlanta when he was arrested. Although the cops were there to make an arrest, their target was not Jeffery. Apparently, the cops were looking for a man who was a suspect in a car theft case. Young Thug had recently missed a court date for excessive window tinting. Unfortunately, it so happened that an officer recognized the rapper, so they took him in. He did not spend much time in custody, though, as he paid the $500 bond quickly. The rapper has had a few other encounters with the police, but let us not stain his reputation even more by going through those.


Jeffery Lamar Williams was born on 16 August 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. He is part of a numerous family, having 10 siblings. He grew up in the Jonesboro South projects with his family. As a kid, he caused some trouble. He spent four years in a juvenile detention center after breaking his teacher’s arm when he was in 6th grade. As a teenager, he loved taking risks and got into gambling. His lifestyle made him become a father at the young age of 17. Shortly after, he realized he can not keep living in poverty and began working on his rapping. 2013 was the year when his work started paying up. After signing a record deal with Gucci Mane’s label, his popularity soared. Rolling Stone placed Thug’s ‘1017 Thug’ mixtape on the 5th spot for their ‘Top 10 mixtapes of 2013’ list. The same year, he collaborated with producer Metro Boomin on the ’19 & Boomin’ mixtape.

2014 was a bit controversial for the uprising rapper. He revealed that Freebandz (label owned by Future) offered him 1.5 million dollars, but he declined. For a while, there was a rumor that he had signed a record deal with Cash Money Records and Birdman (Bryan Williams). It was later revealed that Young Thug had only signed a management deal with Birdman. Later that year, Thugger moved to the 300 Entertainment label.

In 2015, some of his unreleased work was leaked online. Later, he released ‘Slime Season’ and ‘Slime Season 2’, two very successful mixtapes, as well as the ‘Hy!£UN35’ (HiTunes) album. In early 2016, the rapper dropped the ‘I’m Up’ and ‘Slime Season 3’ mixtapes and May had him on tour. In August 2016, Thugger released his best mixtape, ‘Jeffery’, which is praised by critics everywhere.


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