Who were Mary Sisk and John Sisk? Sisk Family Shot Dead

An unnamed 14-year-old teen shot his father, John Sisk, stepmother, Mary Shisk and three other siblings at their Elkmont home in Alabama late Monday. The teenager confesses his cold-blooded and heinous crime to the Limestone County Authorities.

The 14-year-old was booked with five degrees of juvenile murder and been taken into custody by the Limestone County police officer. Read the below article to know more the sinister 14-year-old killer who murdered his own family.

The Sisk Family

Sisk Family was a happy and average family in the Elkmont Community of Limestone County, Alabama. The 14-year-old killer was one of the members of the tragic family.

The teenager was the son of John Sisk, but his stepmother, Mary Sisk also parented him. Besides, he has other siblings in his family. The name of the 14-year-old family killer’s biological mother has not been officially disclosed as of yet. Likewise, his other sibling’s names remain to be kept away from the media for now.

Mary Sisk and John Sisk, Who were They?

Talking about Mary Sisk and John Sisk, Mary Sisk is an individual education teacher for Hunstville City Schools who was originally from New Orleans. Furthermore, in her bio, Mary described that she is grateful for being married to a great husband and having four beautiful children. Her school, Hunstville City, said that they are providing additional counselors and resources for the staff and students of the school.

Image of Mary Sisk and John Sisk.

Mary Sisk and John Sisk.

Likewise, John Sisk was an expert automotive and recreational vehicle repairman who had a passion for riding his black Harley Davidson Road Glide motorcycle. Additionally, he had an active cosmetology license in Alabama. Furthermore, John previously has worked with the Huntsville car dealership company as a service technician from 2014 to 2016.

Who is The 14-year-old Killer; Elkmont Alabama?

The 14-year-old murderer from Elkmont Alabama had been a student from Elkmont Alabama School. WAAY-TV had reported that the identity of the shooter to be Mason Sisk. In truth, Mason Sisk is John Sisk’s son but the law enforcement has not revealed the name of the shooter to anyone. Neither have they said that the 14-year-old in custody is Mason.

WAAY-TV has made allegations based on the beliefs of multiple family members and Mason also just so happens to be 14 years old. However, for the time being, Mason Sisk is reported to only not be a victim of the murders.

According to the police officials, a teenager called 911 to say that he had heard gunshots when he was in his basement. Later, the child convict cooperated with the police authority and helped them find the gun which was beside the road.

Furthermore, the police suspected the boy used a 9mm gun during the killing of his family before throwing the evidence out. Interestingly the handgun used in the murder was an illegal one.

Image of Limestone County Sheriff Sergeant Jonathan Hardiman cordones off a crime scene

Limestone County Sheriff Sergeant Jonathan Hardiman in the crime scene

Moreover, it was revealed that 14-year-old killer’ father, John Sisk, was deemed guilty for the felony charge regarding sexual misconduct with a minor in Indiana in 1999. Hence, it is illegal for an ex-convict to own a gun. So, it is not known whose arm was used in the shooting.

The 14-year-old teenager shot his family on the 25000 blocks of Ridge Road in Elkmont, Alabama. He shot his father, John Sisk aged 38, stepmother, Mary Sisk, aged 35 and three siblings who were below age 7. 2 eldest of the 3 siblings killed were named Aurora and Kane as reported by Heavy.

Likewise, following the gunshot incident, all his five members did not survive the ordeal as three were dead after the gunshot while the other two died at the hospital.

According to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Stephen Young, the teenager is charged with five degrees of juvenile murder. Presently, the 14-year-old teenager is serving in the juvenile detention facility.

Furthermore, the investigation behind the 14-year-old teenager motive for the killing is going on as now.

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