Who is Grant Gustin’s Wife, Andrea La Thoma? Her Wiki, Net Worth, Married life, Children

You all might be well of the famous American singer and actor Grant Gustin. He has been famous for playing certain roles in some famous series and movies. Not to mention that he has also been called a heartthrob a lot of time. 

However, if you were one of the people to think that he was single and had not married anyone then it is the biggest let down you will ever face. 

Grant is married to his beautiful 31-year-old physical therapist wife since 2018.

Let’s have a quick look at Andrea La Thoma, Grant Gustin’s wife. Starting with her wiki-bio, net worth and more!

Who is Andrea La Thoma? Wiki-Bio

Andrea La Thoma was born on the 11th of July, 1988 which makes her 31 years old in 2019.  Digging deeper into Andrea’s biography we got to find out that she has Asian roots and is biracial. 

Andrea was born to an American- Malaysian parents. Therefore, Andrea and her husband Grant got married twice, but we will get onto that later. 

Now talking about it, you definitely know that she has a Malaysian- American nationality. However, she is of Kadazan ethnic background. 

Thoma succeeded in getting a Physical Therapist degree from the Old Dominion University. Besides being a therapist she is also an instagram influencer. 

Image of Physical therapist, Andrea La Thoma

Physical therapist, Andrea La Thoma

This was a short wiki-bio of Andrea La Thoma. Now we will get into knowing more about her as we are moving on to her early life and career. 

Let’s get started!

Early life and Career

There is not much known about Andrea’s early life. Until today it has been concealed all so properly but we can still try to find as much information as possible. 

Firstly, Andrea has three other siblings i.e. she is a child among a total of four which were born to her parents. We will look deeply into her sibling and parents below. The famous influencer Andrea is not the only well-known person in her family. Her sibling brother, Johnathan is also a huge business holder.  

Thoma is multilinguist as she is born from Mexican- American parents that is quite a predictable thing right!

Similarly as mentioned above Thoma succeeded in getting a Physical Therapist degree from  Old Dominion University. However, she started practicing for her career early while she was still in college. Also, that, before that she exercise Physiology and graduated in 2009 from Kent State University and started persuading her career from then. All this talk about her career must have you curious to also learn about Andrea Thoma’s net worth. so, let’s go there.

Andrea Thoma Net Worth

Andrea’s main source of income is her career as a physical therapist and also as an instagram influencer. The social media sensation Andrea uses social media, especially instagram as a source of sharing and promoting her beliefs and interests. 

However, though she is more known on the internet, her net worth and incomes calculate up mostly from her profession as a physical therapist. 

Image of Physical therapist, Andrea La Thoma net worth is currently not available

Physical therapist, Andrea La Thoma net worth is currently not available

So what is her net worth? 

According to MarriedBiography, Andrea has not revealed anything regarding her salary yet. So it is sad to say that her net worth is also still unknown, but we are trying out best to get any information regarding her salary and income. 

Moreover, Andrea’s husband Grant’s net worth according to Famousbirthsdeaths is $5 million USD, and it is also sure that his salary will keep on increasing with his increasing year in the industry.

Andrea Thoma Married Life as Grant Gustin’s Wife.

Andrea and her husband Grant tied down their knot together in 2018 and are together since. Did you know that the couple married only after a year of dating and being in a relationship? 

To add up, that does not mean that they have a glitch in their relationship now, rather even after being together for such a short time the two love birds are deeply in love with each other. 

Image of Andrea La Thoma with her husband Grant Gustin

Andrea La Thoma with her husband Grant Gustin

They are really happily married with no signs of later controversies to arrive in their marriage. However, we cannot be so sure of what the future has to hold so let’s just put that matter aside and cheer the two of them. 

Now after hearing this you surely want to know how they met right? So why wait, let’s jump right into it.

How did Andrea Thoma and Grant Gustin meet?

This is another sad thing to say that Andrea and Grant have been secretive about how and where they met. No information regarding it is provided however we have some information about how they got married. 

I have already mentioned above that the cute couple married only after dating for a year. Furthermore, Grant had made plans on proposing his love Andrea in his film set in Costa Rica. But the movie shooting kept on getting delayed so his plan did not succeed.  

However, The proposal went fine and they engaged in 2017 similarly after a year the two of then even got married in 2018. 

Now that we know their little story. Let’s move on to know more about Andrea’s husband Grant. 

Who is Andrea Thoma’s Husband, Grant Gustin?

Grant Gustin is a famous American singer and actor who is famous for playing certain roles in some famous series and movies. His given full birth name is Thomas Grant Gustin who is famous in the CW series The Flash

Image of American singer, Grant Gustin

American singer, Grant Gustin

Grant debuted from the Fox series named Glee which was a huge hit. And he has been popular since his debut days till now. 

Gustin was born in Virginia to his mother a pediatric nurse Tina Haney and his father a college professor Thomas Gustin.  For his debut series, he played the role of Sebastian Smythe, who is a gay member of Dalton Academy Warblers

Sadly no more information about his early life is found as he also likes living his life secretly like his wife.

Andrea Thoma Parents, Siblings

Andrea Thoma was born to her mother Judy Thoma and her father James Thoma in 1988 in Mexico. As mentioned above not much information is known about her so we do not know anything more about her parents. 

Similarly, about her siblings, she has three other siblings who go by the name Johnathan Thoma, Louise Thoma and Christian Thoma who were all born in Ohio just like Andrea. 

However, we do not know anything about the birth of her siblings so we cannot inform you who is the eldest or youngest. Anyway, I assure you that the next time you check this article you will find an updated version with lots of information that is missing currently.

How old is Andrea Thoma? 

Now as for knowing her birthday and age I have already mentioned it above a couple of times. But so that it becomes easier for you to look at this let me mention it once again. 

Andrea was born in 1988 and celebrates her birthday every year on the 11th of July. Currently, in 2019, she is 31 years old and if you read this article next year or the year after she will have already aged by a year or two or more. 

Now how about we go on and look at her body measurements.

Andrea La Thoma Measurements, Social Media

Andrea has not given put information on her body measurement. That includes neither her height or weight or beyond. 

Similarly, as for her social media updates, she posts a lot of pictures and videos. According to the posts, it looks like she is a fitness freak. Another thing to add is that she shares a lot of tricks which are useful and what she has learned from her Physical Therapist profession.

Fun facts about Andrea La Thoma. 

  • Andrea thought her boyfriend was joking when he proposed for marriage
  • Grand and Andrea married only after 1 year of knowing each other
  • Andrea has a youtube channel where she shares things as Dr. La Thoma
  • She is also an orthopedic
  • She has over 650k followers on instagram.

Quick Facts Of Andrea La Thoma

Name Andrea La Thoma
Age 31 years old
Birthdate 1988
Birthplace Mexico
Nationality Mexican- American
Ethnicity Kadazan
Profession Influencer, Physical Therapist
Spouse Thomas Grant Gustin
Net Worth N/A
Height  N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children No
Social Networking Instagram



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