What happened to Duane Lee Chapman Jr? His net worth, siblings, wife, children, death, wiki/bio

Who is this man, Duane Lee Chapman Jr.?  He is amongst the first children of Duane “Dog” Chapman. He is quite a secretive man, whose life is little known about, unlike his other siblings. He was born on January 21st, 1973, in Pampa, Texas. He is a member of the big Chapman family that enjoys the warmth of 12 blood siblings. His father has had five wives who had children with him. Duane Lee was little known until the appeared in the A&E (TV Channel) show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. He learned the ropes of the bounty hunting business from his father, popularly known as Duane “Dog” Chapman. He worked in his father’s company, Da Kine Bail Bonds, together with his brother, Leland, and stepmother, Beth. Duane was to later leave the business in a huff after exchanging words with his stepmother. The suave bond hunter made a name from the show. Read through the following paragraphs to learn more about his early life and career, his net worth, and family.

Early life, career

Duane was born to Duane Chapman Sr. the famous bounty hunter and bondsman and to his mother, La Fonda Sue Darnall. He grew up with his full blood brother Leland Chapman. His father was imprisoned when they were very young children.

He later came to see him when he was 11 years after he was released from jail. By this time, their mother had already filed a divorce from their father. He worked with his father in his bounty hunting business from an early age together with his more famous brother Leland Chapman.

TV Career

Duane Lee’s name came to the limelight when A&E approached his father for a bounty hunting show on their channel. They worked on a show called, “Dog the Bounty Hunter”.

Image of Dunae Lee Chapman Jr from Dog the Bounty Hunter show

Duane Lee Chapman Jr from Dog the Bounty Hunter show

Duane Jr. appeared from the first season to the end. The show was featuring Duane “Dog” Chapman, his stepmother, Beth, Leland, and his other half-siblings.

It showcased the Chapman family pursuing absconders from bail payments to the Da Kine Bail Bonds Company, that was family owned. It was a breathtaking show watching the family executing searches and eventual arrests.


One time they landed themselves in deep trouble when they went to arrest Andrew Luster in Mexico. He had fled the USA for fear of being arrested after drugging and raping several women. The Dog the Bounty Hunter team went to Mexico to execute the arrest when the hell broke loose on them.

Mexican authorities arrested them. They were later bailed at an amount of $100,000 each. They immediately fled Mexico, but later to be extradited back after they were accused of international bail jumping. The Mexican government eventually dropped Their case after negotiations.

Exit from TV

In 2012, during one of the show’s episode, Duane Jr. and his brother Leland Chapman had a heated exchange with their stepmother. This led to their quitting from the show and working under their father. He had worked as a bondsman under his father. He then moved to Florida, from Hawaii to become a financial advisor.

Duane Lee Chapman Jr. Net Worth.

Image of TV Personality, Duane Lee Chapman Jr net worth is currently not available

TV Personality, Duane Lee Chapman Jr net worth is currently not available

Duane Lee Chapman Jr.’s net worth is not known. He has managed to keep such a low profile life, unlike his popular siblings. However, it is well known that he made good earnings from his appearance in the show, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Duane Lee Chapman Jr. wife, married, children, divorce

Duane Lee Chapman Jr. was married to Teresa R. Roybal. They tied the knot on December 1st, 1999. They were blessed with two children, Jodi Chapman, and Dylan Chapman. Like many other celebrity marriages, their marriage did not hold. They divorced in 2015.  He is now believed to be single.

Is Duane Lee Chapman Jr. dead or alive?

Duane Lee Chapman Jr. is alive. There is no record of Duane Lee Chapman having any kind of threat to his life.

Image of Duane Lee Chapman Jr is still alive and healthy

Duane Lee Chapman Jr is still alive and healthy

Duane Lee Chapman siblings

Duane Lee Chapman Jr has only one full blood brother, Leland Chapman.

Image of Duane Lee Chapman Jr with his brother Leland Chapman.

Duane Lee Chapman Jr with his brother Leland Chapman.

Their father Duane has been married to five wives. He has many other half-siblings in his life. He is a half-brother to twelve siblings, Nicholas Chapman, James Chapman, Christopher Hecht, Zeb Chapman, Wesley Chapman, Barbara Chapman, Tucker Chapman, Lyssa Chapman, James Chapman, James Chapman, Bonnie Jo Chapman, and Garry Chapman. He is a step-brother to Cecily Chapman.

Full name Duane Lee Chapman Jr.
Nickname Duane Lee
Date of birth (age) 21st January 1973
Birthplace Groom, Texas, USA
Net worth Not known
Mother La Fonda Sue Honeycutt
Father Duane Lee Chapman Sr.(Dog)
Ethnicity/Race Mixed race
Career American bail bondsman, bounty hunter
Nationality American
Marital status Divorced
Current wife None
Ex-Wife Teresa R Roybal
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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