What happened to Jake Harris from Deadliest Catch? Know his net worth, wiki, bio,

Have you ever watch “Deadliest Catch”? If yes, then you must be familiar with this name, Jake Harris. Jake Harris was born on 23rd October 1985, in Seattle, Washington, USA, making him 33 years of age. He is a reality TV personality. At a young age, he became famous due to his appearance on the Discovery Channel series, “Deadliest Catch.” Read on to find what happened to Jake Harris on Deadliest Catch. More on his net worth.

Indeed this series is a deadly show. It features crab fishermen who go out fishing in the highly crab infested sea waters. Jake was a crew member of a vessel, Cornelia Marie, captained by his father, Phil Harris from 2005. Jake Harris was all along suffering from drug abuse; He left the show in 2013. But what happened to him after this? Read through the paragraphs to learn more about Jake’s life, his TV career, what happened, any relationships and how much he is worth.

Early life

Jake was born to his late father, Phil Harris, and mother, Mary Harris. He has an older brother, Josh Harris. His parent’s marriage lasted for nine years, after which they divorced.

Image of Jake Harris with his brother Josh Harris

Jake Harris with his brother Josh Harris

How did he end up fishing crabs? When Jake was young, he was very interested in what his father was doing. Phil Harris was a crab fisherman in the Bering Sea and would sometimes carry along his sons during his expeditions. Phil taught them how to operate a boat during fishing. Jake finished high school and went straight to fishing with his father for business.

TV career

His father, Phil was amongst the first crab fishermen who were invited to join “Deadliest Catch” at its onset. He was the captain of the vessel, Cornelia Marie. The TV series features the life of the crab fishermen during the crabbing season. The captains and their crew face very dangerous conditions mainly in the Bering Sea. They have to weather very tough storm conditions that could sometimes capsize the vessels. Jake Harris joined his father’s crew at the age of 19. Their vessel was called “Cornelia Marie”. He started as the bait boy. Lady luck came knocking in 2005 when Discovery Channel came calling them to join “Deadliest Catch”.

Image of Jake Harris from Deadliest Catch show

Jake Harris from Deadliest Catch show

This was when Jake Harris became a household name together with his dad and brother Josh. Their vessel competed for the next 5 years until bad luck hit the crew. Phil Harris who was a chain smoker suffered a severe stroke that made them pull out for some time. He recovered quite fast, but in February 2010 he passed on from a pulmonary embolism. Jake and Josh were devastated by their father’s death. They decided not to pull out from the show, and join other crews. All along Jake Harris was suffering from a drug addiction problem.

What happened to Jake Harris in Deadliest Catch? Where is he now?

Jake and his brother tried to fit into the father’s shoes but it was very hard. They wanted to revive their dad’s vessel, Cornelia Marie, but it never felt like before. The zeal their father commanded was never there anymore. They parked the boat in memory of their father.

Jake joined Captain Sig Hansen’s crew, while Josh joined Captain Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand. Jake eventually left the show in 2013. He is now running a coffee company called, Captain’s Reserve, which his father had set up during their appearances on “Deadliest Catch”.

Both Jake and Josh are working to grow the business. They also have penned down a book called, Captain Phil Harris: The Legendary Crab Fisherman, Our Hero, Our Dad.

Net worth.

What could Jake Harris be worth? Jake is estimated to have a net worth of $100,000. He earned much of this net worth from his TV and fishing career.

Image of Deadliest catch cast Jake Harris net worth is $100,000

Deadliest catch cast Jake Harris net worth is $100,000

His late father had a net worth of $2 million, and this went to both sons on his demise. However, you notice that Jake Harris net worth is quite low based on the experience he has had on high paying ventures. This is attributable to his drug addiction problem which makes him unable to manage his money. Hopefully, as time moves on, he will manage to accumulate more wealth to his name.

Is Jake Harris from ‘Deadliest Catch’ dating a girlfriend or single?

Jake Harris’ personal life is quite private and not much is known about his dating or married life. His drug addiction problem could be the reason why he has no relationship.

Image of Jake Harris is currently single

Jake Harris is currently single

Full name Jake Harris
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) October 23rd, 1985 (33 years)
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, USA
Net worth $100,000
Mother Mary Harris
Father Phil Harris
Siblings Josh Harris
Ethnicity/Race White
Career Crab fisherman, reality TV personality and businessman
Nationality American
Marital status Single
Girlfriend Not known
Children None
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight Not known

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