Is Timothy DeLaGhetto Married to his Girlfriend? Know about his Height, Dating, Age, Hair Braids, Net Worth

Tim Chantarangsu, popularly known as Timothy DeLaGhetto, is a YouTube star who has millions of followers online. He amuses his viewers through his amazing videos in the YouTube. Let us see about his personal life, affairs, net worth, wife and much more.

Timothy DelaGhetto and his Girlfriend dating for a long time.

Famous rapper and singer Timothy DeLaGhetto has recently got engaged to his 28 years aged to be girlfriend Chia Habte. The ‘Wild and Out’ star Timothy DeLaGhetto’s girlfriend and to be wife Chia Habte, who is also a blogger who owns the blog ‘Just Peachy’ where she writes about beauty tips, lifestyle and personal life.  Although the couple had started dating each other officially since 2011, in reality, the couple had been dating even before that.

The love story of Timothy and Habte is very interesting. The couple never believed in a long distance relationship until they had met each other.

According to a source, a psychic had told Habte that she will meet her soul on a trip. Surprisingly, she did meet her fiancé on a trip to LA/LV along with her other girlfriends. The couple started dating on Facebook and kept themselves in touch until they met each other again after a year in Toronto.

The meetings became more and more frequent and today the lovers are engaged to each other.

Tweet about height

Although active on social sites like Facebook and Instagram, Timothy has a height of 5’4”. According to his recent tweet, the information on Wikipedia regarding his height is not true.

According to him, ‘Wikipedia says I’m 5’2. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!!! I am 5’4 and a HALF! Lol’

Although guys usually look good at a good height, in his case, I don’t think height really matters.

Are Timothy DelaGhetto and his Girlfriend getting married? or at least getting engaged?

News of Timothy’s engagement and marriage is on air since a long time. Although he is engaged for a short time with his long time girlfriend Chia Habte, he is not yet married to her.

Well, the wedding season is near! Hopefully, they are going to get married soon. Hope we soon come to view the wedding pictures on the internet.

Adorable picture of Timothy DeLaGhetto proposing his girlfriend Chia Habte

Timothy DeLaGhetto engaged with his girlfriend Chia Habte

The one girl man had never had any other girlfriends, wife, or affairs in his lifetime. Habte is the only love of his life. The couple loves each other so much that there seems no possibility of both of them having any other affairs even in future.

Timothy Delaghetto net worth

Talented since childhood, Timothy had started his career through his first mix tape named ‘The First Mixtape’ in 2006. He had started his own vlogs and had released more and more videos through YouTube and blogs. His first release itself was a great hit and had gained a great popularity. His talent and videos had given him a net worth of $3 million dollars today. He totally deserved this net worth. $3 million dollars net worth at his young age is really an admirable success.

Not only for his blogs and videos, Timothy is also well known for his braided hair. The hair braids are absolutely amazing. His braids seem to have attracted many people and have increased his fan followers even more. There is hardly any fan who doesn’t like his hair braids.


Born on 6th March 1986, in Billings, Montana, USA, Timothy’s current age is 31 years.  Raised in California, Timothy DeLaGhetto had moved to Paramount at the age of nine along with his parents.

Originally named Tim Chantarangsu, Timothy DeLaGhetto is a famous rapper, a comedian and also an actor. Also a cast member of ‘Wild N Out’, an American TV show aired on MTV, Timothy has huge fan followers on YouTube, Twitter, and other sites. Currently engaged to his to be wife Chia Habte aged 28 years, Timothy seems very happy with the long term long distance relationship.  Hopefully soon, we come to hear about their wedding.

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