Lauren Riihimaki aka LaurDIY’s age, Boyfriend, dating, height, tattoo & makeup talks

Today we are going to have a talk about the most fascinating and cute Lauren Riihimaki and her bio. Born on 1993, the 23 years old aged Laurdiy’s birthday is on 11th August and she is a fashion blogger and a makeup and dye specialist. Let us talk about her personal life, her birthday, her age, dating life, tattoo and her website today.

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Rising to the fame through her website LaurDIY, the cute Laurdiy is also a famous YouTuber. She has a channel of her own with the same name of her website blog.

Having a height of 5’5, the cute young celebrity also resembles the famous Ariana Grande.  Makeup queen Laurdiy looks stunning even without makeup. Her Ariana Grande makeup video is quite popular among the youngsters.

Through her YouTube videos, she not only posts the creative idea of hairstyling and makeup but also posts creative ideas of how to look cool over all. A video where she has created Ariana Grande headphone had also won the heart of much more YouTube viewers. Her fans often compare her with Ariana Grande and her followers say that she resembles Ariana Grande.

The beautiful and tall Lauren has an admirable tattoo on her wrist. Her tattoo reads ‘MCMXXXII’, i.e., 1932. This tattoo was embedded by her in the memory of her grandfather. The tattoo denotes the birth year of her grandfather in roman numerals.

Laurdiy’s boyfriend Alex Wassabi & dating life    

Laurdiy has been dating 28 years aged Alex Wassabi who is her boyfriend ever since 2015. Lauren’s boyfriend Alex Wassabi is also a YouTuber whose birthday is on 28th March. Before Alex, Laurdiy had been dating her ex-boyfriend Baz.

When asked about the secret of such a height of strong relationship with Alex Wassabi, Lauren replied, “It’s definitely figuring out boundaries and what stays online and what stays offline. It’s a learning process but we’ve always been good communicating what we’re comfortable sharing. It could be easy to share too much, but I think we’ve kind of gotten into the groove of what’s personal and what can go online.”

Also, according to Lauren, she tends to keep personal life within herself and does not post every personal matter on her blog.

Laurdiy’s merch & website

Lauren has a popular website LaurDIY where she posts many creative ideas of DIY and make-ups. According to her, she had started posting on YouTube since the spring of 2012 while in college. Her popular channel LaurDIY has over 6 million subscribers. She owns an estimated net worth of $350,000 dollars earned due to her videos.

Laurdiy’s age & bio

Having a birthday on 11th August, Lauren Riihimaki is a 23 year aged Canadian American vlogger who is also a makeup and DIY artist. Originally belonging to Canada, Laurdiy is of Japanese, Finnish and Ukrainian descent.

Currently living in LA, California; Lauren is famous for her website and YouTube channel ‘LaurDIY’. Along with her DIY and makeup videos, she also makes collaboration videos with channels such as Logan Paul, Swoozie, Mama Mia makeup, Alisha Marie, Alex Wassabi, Aspyn Ovard etc.

Lauren Riihimaki’s net worth is estimated at $350,000 as of 2016 and this is earned completely due to her hard work towards her passion.

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