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The article we have for you today will focus on the biography of a remarkable woman. Her exploits in the field of house renovations are truly remarkable and have been lauded all over. We are of course talking about the lovely Tamara Day, professional renovator, home designer, and a reality tv star.

Her work in giving life to abandoned homes is just marvelous. In this review, we will get to know more about her age, net worth, and career. We will also get to learn about her relationship life. If you want to learn more about the dynamic home designer and renovator, who is not afraid to get her hands dirty, stay, and read the whole article.

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Details on Tamara Day’s birthday have proven impossible to unearth. All that we managed to unearth was the fact that she was born in Kansas City, Missouri.

Her father’s name is Ward, and like her, he was also heavily involved in home renovations. It is likely that Tamara developed her passion for renovating dilapidated houses as a result of his influence. Besides this, she has not disclosed much information about her personal life. We don’t know who her mother is, but we did find out that the reality star grew up alongside three other siblings. Our extensive research also revealed that she is married to Bill Day, and they have four children together.

Who is Tamara Day? Her Career info

Tamara Day is an American television host most renowned for starring on the DIY network. For home restoration expert Tamara Day, there’s no such thing as a home that’s too big. This Kansas City local and mother of four specializes in renovating derelict large houses that most people would be are too intimidated to take on. She brings these forgotten works of art back to life so that new owners can move in and appreciate them again.

The show has been running since 2016 and has two seasons under its belt so far. Apart from this, she has not disclosed much personal information about her. She graduated with a degree in communications. Though we know that Tamara followed her father’s footsteps in house building. Since she was little, she used to help her father maintain their farm in Kansas, and by that, she learned a lot about the construction business.

Image of Tamara Day from TV show, Bargain Mansions

Tamara Day from TV show, Bargain Mansions

Tamara Day started the business of buying old neglected properties in Kansas then renovated and transformed them into beautiful houses, which she later sold. Her father is the supervisor, and he oversees most of the work. The celebrity stars in the DIY Network’s Bargain Mansions, where she is the host. The show aired on the TCL channel. She also played a role in The Mailbox (2007) and DIY Ultimate retreat (2017). Tamara has her blog, ‘glowingdas.com’ where she posts her beautiful works.

Tamara Day Net Worth

Reality television stars usually make it big in life. This is because reality stars on average, reportedly earn around $ 10,000 for every episode they feature in. Bargain’s Mansion has run for two seasons now, so it’s safe to assume that the star has amassed a decent amount of money for herself. That said, Tamara Day’s net worth and salary currently remain undisclosed and under review.

Image of Interior designer, Tamara Day net worth is currently not available

Interior designer, Tamara Day net worth is currently not available

The star has not given much information about her private life. She has not given much information on how much she makes or what her net worth is. This is her right. Maybe she doesn’t want every aspect of her life on the internet. Looking at her successful construction business of renovating and selling beautiful properties, it is obvious that she makes quite a lot. We estimate this to be a figure close to a million dollars.

Tamara also works with her father, Ward Schraeder and he is the co-host. Another source of income the reality star has come from the mansions she renovates and later sells. Interior decoration is also part of her career, which makes her money. With the help of her team and father, she managed to flip houses and sell them for a huge profit. All of these ventures the star is into have helped her greatly enhance her net worth, consequently building her wealth to what it is today.

Tamara Day and Bill Day Married. Any Children?

The reality star is, in fact, a married woman. Tamara and Bill got married in 2001 after a long period of courtship where they got to know each other and fall in love.  They happened to have things in common like renovation, but that wasn’t the reason they found love with each other. The couple fell in love with each other’s personalities. The two have not talked about their relationship or family on the camera since they like keeping their information private. This is not surprising.

Spotlights are usually not very good for relationships. They tend to put a lot of strain on them, sometimes forcing the unfortunate pair to act like something they are not. It is usually just better to keep everything away from the cameras.

Image of Tamara Day with her husband Bill Day

Tamara Day with her husband, Bill Day

We also happened to grasp that the two are blessed with four children: three sons and one daughter, Nora. Bill also loves and has a passion for renovation. Together, Bill and Tamara renovated their home, and after that, they bought old homes and renovated them to beautiful houses. Their love for each other grew day by day after they got married. Tamara already started cashing out cheques before she tied the knot with Bill. Tamara’s family is known to have a passion for renovating homes.

Image of Tamara Day with her kids

Tamara Day with her kids

For sure, their kids will grow to love that too. Tamara’s dad and the generation before him always believed in doing things themselves. Moreover, after years and years of practice, that became her hobby, and now many admire her work together with his father and husband.

Tamara Day Bio,  Wiki, Age, Family, Facts

Full name Tamara Day
Age Mid 30s
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
Profession Interior designer, Reality television star, House Renovator, Businesswoman
Net worth Under review
Husband Bill Day
Kids 4
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Ward (father)


Learn more about Tamara Day. Take a look at her remarkable home renovating career. Find out what her net worth is. Meet her husband and the rest of her family.

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