Is Nicole Taffer Dead? Know Her Age, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio of Jon Taffer’s Wife

Being a couple on reality TV can be a wild ride. This is because spending all your time with your spouse may be viewed as unhealthy. And playing out a relationship on camera may not exactly be good for it.

But the subject of our review, Nicole Taffer, has somehow made it work. We will dive deep into her life, examining all aspects of it. It will look at her age, net worth, and husband. Who is Jon Taffer? We will explore their relationship to answer this question. The article will also address the rumors surrounding her death.

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Nicole Taffer was born on February 16th, 1973 in the United States of America. She is a Native American by descent. Not much else is known about her early life and childhood, besides the fact that she grew up alongside a sister. Being Native American, the two could have probably grown up in a Native American reserve.

But again, all this is just speculation as we cannot confirm anything. Nicole came into light after she got married to a famous businessman, Jon Taffer. Afterward, she started regularly making experiences on his reality television show.

Is Nicole Taffer Dead?

Let’s stop these rumors once and for all. Nicole Taffer is alive and well. All the rumors surrounding her death are just that, rumors. They stemmed from a few Facebook posts that did a few rounds. Rumors are like fires; once they start, they can spread wild and fast.

People don’t bother to do fact checks due to which they might be misinformed about this kind of rumors. We were not able to find out where the story originated from, but we were able to determine that it was just fake news.

Image of Nicole Taffer is still alive and healthy

Nicole Taffer is still alive and healthy

Who is Nicole Taffer? Her Career Info

Nicole Taffer is a Native American woman who came into the limelight after marrying American entrepreneur and television personality, Jon Taffer. He is the host of the reality show, Bar Rescue. It airs on Spike TV. The show usually explores every business aspect of managing a bar. This varies from making a profitable menu, crowd control, choosing music, to managing discontented employees.

Image of Nicole Taffer from TV show, Bar Rescue

Nicole Taffer from TV show, Bar Rescue

Jon uses an aggressive “in-your-face” style along with his well-known method of management, “Taffer Dynamics.”  This helps transform the bar into a lively, profitable business. Alongside his wife Nicole, they utilize all resources available to make the bar as successful as it can ever be.

This may vary from state-of-the-art science such as eye tracking technology, monitoring of body temperature, and even reading pheromone output in clients in order to create a good plan of action. The television show first premiered on the 17th of July, 2011, and has been running for six seasons now. It shows no sign of slowing down ever since.

It has helped to enhance Nicole’s popularity, and she has gradually become a mainstay on it. Fans love her, and it is hard to imagine the show without her. Apart from appearing on her husband’s reality show, there is not a lot of information available on any other job she might have done before this.

Nicole Taffer Net Worth, Salary, and Sources of Income

As we have always alluded to, reality television can be quite a good venture. Depending on the network they are on or their popularity, they can make somewhere between $10,000 and $ 20,000 for every episode they appear in. This can translate to a lot of money at the end of every season. That said, Nicole Taffer’s net worth is currently undisclosed and under review. This may be because she is a fairly private person who prefers to keep this information away from the public.

Image of TV Personality, Nicole Taffer net worth is currently not available

TV Personality, Nicole Taffer net worth is currently not available

This is not strange, as some people do not like the idea of living under a microscope. However, we can reason that her net worth must be significant, as she is a mainstay on reality television. Her husband, on the other hand, is a prominent businessman who manages several bars on his reality show. This puts his net worth at roughly around $ 10 million.

The man’s wealth is not surprising, as he is a fairly adept businessman. Hosting your reality show also guarantees you a decent amount of salary in terms of wages. As his wife, Nicole has a stake in this wealth, and shares in her husband’s lifestyle. Marriage is a partnership; what is his, is also hers. As a result, we can say that her net worth is relatively substantial, boosted by her husband’s wealth.

Is Nicole Taffer Married? Who is Jon Taffer?

The reality star is, in fact, a married woman. Her husband is Jon Taffer. He was born on the 7th of November, 1954 in New York.  This makes him 64 years old presently. Her husband comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

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The man first served as the bartender in the year 1973 for Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood. Presently, he is renowned for hosting the reality series, Bar Rescue. Jon is also the president of the Nightclub and Bar Media Group. While it is not clear when the couple met, we learned that they have been married for almost two decades now. They tied the knot on the 15th of April, 2000, at an intimate little ceremony attended by close friends and family.

This was Jon’s second marriage. So far, it has proved a lot more successful than his first. Nicole and Jon are really happy together; evident by the posts they share every year on their anniversary. On their 16th Anniversary, they were spotted at the Palms Casino Resort together.

Image of Nicole Taffer with her husband Jon Taffer and daughter Samantha Taffer

Nicole Taffer with her husband Jon Taffer and daughter Samantha Taffer

The happy couple has one daughter together: Samantha Taffer. She recently got married to Cody Hanle on the 15th of September 2015, with both of her parents in attendance. Her father walked her down the aisle.

Nicole Taffer Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Full name Nicole Taffer.
Age 46 years old.
Date of Birth 16th February 1973
Place of Birth The USA.
Profession Television Personality, Reality television star.
Net worth Undisclosed
Husband Jon Taffer.
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Native American
Zodiac Sign Aquarius.
Parents Unknown


Take a look at the life of Nicole Taffer. Learn what she does for a living, and find out what her net worth is. Meet her husband, Jon Taffer.

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