Susan Mikula Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio, Married, Partner, Rachel Maddow

Susan has her website where she displays her artwork. Mikula is very passionate about taking pictures. According to her, she likes taking photos in natural settings. Also, she does not use any image editing software.

The photographer is also a good storyteller. She likes to share great stories with her fans. Her first book titled Susan Mikula: Photographs was released in 2008. Subsequently, she published other abstract photograph collections like “American Vale,” “American Device,” and “American Vale.”  Mikula is also quite active on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Often, she uploads her photos on Facebook and Twitter account.

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Susan Mikula Net Worth

The self-trained professional photographer is earning quite a lot of money from her career. Susan net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Image of Photographer Susan Mikula net worth is $5 million

Photographer Susan Mikula net worth is $5 million

Susan Mikula dating her Partner and Girlfriend, Rachel Maddow

Since 1999, the photographer has been with her girlfriend, Rachel Maddow. The pair sleeps under the same roof and often spends time together. The two lovers first met in 1999, when Mikula hired Rachel to complete a small task at her home. Today, Mikula and her partner own a property in NYC and another one in Massachusetts.

While they have been in a romantic relationship for nearly two decades, the couple has not married officially.

Image of Susan Mikula with her partner Rachel Maddow

Susan Mikula with her partner, Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow is a television personality, political commentator and author. She hosts her TV show titled The Rachel Maddow Show in MSNBC Television. Her ethnicity is unknown, but she is an American by nationality. Her net worth is estimated at $7 million, according to

Biologically, it is impossible for the couple to have children. Also, they have not shown any signs that they would like to adopt one in the future. Also, despite the rumors, Mikula has insisted her relationship with Madow is here to stay. There are no signs of the couple calling it quits anytime soon.

One interesting thing about the couple is that they don’t own any electronic gadget in their home. In other words, they do not have a television or music system. According to them, these gadgets ruin their relationship.

Susan Mikula Art and Photography

Susan Mikula creates unique portraits. She never crops her images or uses editing software. If you want to take moving and, memorable pictures, you can take inspiration from her pictures. She has been in the photography business for nearly twenty years. The US Consulate once hired her to help them complete their artwork. This shows she is not only talented but also very respectable.

Image of Susan Mikula Photography

Photographer, Susan Mikula

Family and Body Measurements: Height and Weight

There is not much information about Mikula’s family. It is only known that she is an American photographer who was born in 1958 in New Jersey. Information about her father, mother, grandparents, and siblings is not available. Her height is about 5’5’. Susan’s blue colored eye and long grey hair characterize her beauty. Moreover, she is quite chubby. She is, however proud of her body size.

Wiki Bio

Susan Mikula is an American photographer, artist, and author. She was born in 1958 in New Jersey. Her net worth is around $5 million and is living happily with her partner Rachel Maddow.

What Is Susan Mikula Doing Now?

Susan is still working as a photographer. At the moment, she lives happily with her partner Rachel Maddow in their two homes.

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