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Disney has always been a great source that supplies us with young talent and has given us big names of today like Zac Efron, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Even as of today we can spot a lot of promising young talents in the company like Skylar Katz from ‘Raven’s Home’ There are many little-known things about the actor and rapper like her parents, siblings, net worth and overall career.  Learn all of these things about her and so much more right here.

Skylar Katz AGT and Family Life

Skylar Katz is popularly recognized as the spunky neighbor kid in the hit Disney sitcom ‘Raven’s Home’ which is a spin-off program for the original hit show ‘That’s so Raven’.

She shows great performance not just as an actor but also as a rapper. You may also remember her more clearly if you hear her rapping as the kid wonder who bamboozled audience and judges in the previous season of ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Skylar is a very determined kid and even back then she had come to the auditions without the knowledge of her parents.

Her parents must have been stunned to hear from it later that Skylar passed the audition for AGT over the phone.

Rapper Skylar Katz from America's Got Talents

America’s Got Talents rapper Skylar Katz

Source: Tnlounge

They should have recollected themselves soon though as nobody recognizes a child’s talents better than her own parents. Also, Skylar has 3 other sibling sisters who are also talented in many ways.

Skylar is a young rising star without a doubt, so has the future celebrity already started a dating life.

Well, she has not shown any hints of a boyfriend and dating life but she is just 13 years old and such things can come later when she has a career to build.

Skylar Katz Wiki, Bio, Age, Height and Net Worth

Skylar Katz was born on 12th December 2004 which means that she recently turned 13 in Melville, New York, USA.

She was born to parents Mike and Frann Katz along with her 3 sister siblings; Hailey, Dylan, and Madison. She was one of the youngest contestants in America’s got talent and also participated in another popular reality TV show.

Skylar Katz amazing rapping and freestyling skills have shed a certain limelight for her landing her a role in Disney.

Skylar Katz is still just a rising star so you will not find a lot of essential information about her height and dating life. She is said to already have a total net worth of close to 0.5 million dollars.

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