Is Nicole Da Silva Lesbian? Or dating a boyfriend? Or is she married to a husband? Find Out.

Nicole da Silva is hot Australian actress who has played a numerous series. She is native Australian. Regarding her relationship status, she never encountered a person to whom she can a husband. She was good at her work but her career rocketed from the role in a series entitled Wentworth were she played as a lesbian from which she was awarded a best-supporting actress. Besides Wentworth, she is working on many other projects.

Nicole Da Silva Lesbian or has a boyfriend

Nicole Da Silva is an Australian TV actress. She had a number of roles in different tv shows but most contradict role she played was on a tv show named “Wentworth” were questions has raised against her feminism. She had a role of a lesbian named Franky.

Though she had been accused of being lesbian by many viewers she is a female liking all the man. It was in reel life not in real life. She had an interview regarding her opinion on lesbian stereotype in May 2016. She replied

“For the most part, the LGBT community is proud and open to having a lesbian relationship – or multiple lesbian relationships – represented on screen cause they’re so few and far between.”

She added

“I think it’s really important, not just for Australian television but drama and film and television everywhere to have these people and these relationships on screen. It’s part of our tapestry, part of our community and we need to tell those stories.”

However, she is active in social media and very interactive with media person she never mentioned being in a relationship or having a boyfriend which has been a myth to all her followers.

Nicole Da Silva lesbian rumors

Nicole Da Silva lesbian rumors

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Nicole Da Silva’s Partner or Husband!

Nicole Da Silva never talked about her partner and we already mentioned that though she is hot.

Still, she is single and does not have any partner right now, the reason she wants to help a youth regarding equality, providing awareness to youth and collaborating with UN committee of Australia.

She is also trying to convince her viewer about women empowerment through her acting.

Nicole Da Silva Relationships

Once Silva had twitted about her relationship. However, she never mentioned about him dating afterward. It is not known whether she is single or in a relationship. She is not married yet which means she never had any husband at all.

Nicole Da Silva Wiki/Bio

Nicole Da Silva was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on September 18, 1981.  Firstly she studied bachelor’s of art but later she dropped and jumped to a dramatic art at Theatre Nepean Sydney University of West Sydney.

Silva started her career with an Australian tv drama named “All Saints” as a Sasha Fernandez. Wentworth and Rush are two series which helped her to rocket her profession.

Her work was remarkable and appreciated by views and critics. As a result, she was nominated for numerous awards. She received ASTA award for her performance in Wentworth for the best-supporting actress.

Now in 2017, she is one of the most promising and renowned actresses. Her work is outweighing the boundary of her country.

Silva’s net worth is $2 million for an instant as she is becoming successful in her every new work.

However she does not own a house, still lives in rent in West Sydney, Australia along with her pets (1 cat and 2 dogs).She is living alone with no family members. She occasionally visits her parents.

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