Rufus sewell’s wife & marriage is still a mystery? His girlfriend & dating life

Rufus Sewell is among the hot list of gossip in the media these days whose biography might be known to few people. Let us see where he is at present, which movie or TV shows he is going to appear next and whom he is dating at present.

Rufus Sewell’s Married life and wife. Why is it a mystery?

The great actor well known for his role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is rumored to have got secretly married to his long time secret Japanese-American girlfriend. He has been dating this mysterious Japanese-American lady since 2009.

According to sources, Rufus had met this beautiful lady while filming ‘Eleventh Hour’ in LA. The Japanese girlfriend of him is a hair stylist who hates being a part of media and Hollywood. This might be the reason that her name is still a mystery.

Having a long list of dating history, Sewell seems to love being the boyfriend to this lady so very much that he has decided to leave Hollywood and stay along with her in LA. However, has he been married to her or not is still a mystery.

Having the longest history of dating with this Japanese girlfriend, he was previously married to Amy Gardner since 2004. Amy and Sewell had divorced in 2007. They also have a son together, William Douglas who was born in 2002.

Rufus Sewell and Amy Gardner

Rufus Sewell and Amy Gardner.

But that was not all, before Amy, Yasmin Abdullah was his wife. Yasmin was an Australian lady who worked as a fashion journalist. They were married for a year i.e. 1999-2000.

His dating life is also not less commonly known to the public. He had dated almost 6-8 ladies since 1995. His hookup with actress Alice Eve was seen in the news since 2006 to 2008.

Rufus Sewell and Alice Eve

Rufus Sewell and Alice Eve.

Back in 2000, after divorcing with Abdullah, he was spotted dating another American actress Donna Air. His hookup with Helena Bonham was also on air during 1999.

During 1995-1996, Rufus was known as the Kate Winslet’s boyfriend. He was also seen dating Catalina Guirando and Helen McCrory before that.

Having married twice and divorced twice, Rufus is not seen much these days on air.


Currently known for his role as Lord Melbourne in ‘Victoria’, the English actor Rufus Sewell was born on 29th October 1967, in Twickenham, England. His mother Jo was an artist and a painter and his father, Late Bill Sewell, was an Australian animator. His parents had been divorced when he was only 5 years old. He had started living with his mother ever since then.

The actor had made his film debut in 1991 through the movie TWENTY ONE as Bobby. Also known for his roles in many movies and TV shows like ‘The TOURIST’, ‘A KNIGHT’S TALE’, ‘THE MAN IN HIGH CASTLE’, ‘ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER’, etc. his recent appearance was in the TV series ‘VICTORIA’ aired on ITV, where he has acted as Lord Melbourne. Before making a debut in television and movies, he had also performed as a stage artist. His debut ‘Translations’ on Broadway stage had received the ‘Broad Way Theater World Award’. Besides, he had also won the Best Newcomer Award for his London stage debut in ‘Making it Better’. His movies and TV shows had always become a hit.

Rufus Sewell and Jane Asher in ‘Making it better’.

The most stunning and handsome actor seemed to have undergone Blepharoplasty of his eye sometimes back in order to repair Ptosis of his eyelid.

Ptosis is a condition of the eyelid that causes the falling or drooping of the upper eyelid. This might be due to many reasons, including weakened eyelid muscles, nerve damage to the area and also due to some skin disease. It is a common symptom seen in patients with hemiparesis (paralysis of one side of the body) following a stroke. The treatment of such syndrome is done by treating the underlying cause and then undergoing a surgery called Blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is a kind of Plastic surgery, commonly of the eyelid, in which the excess muscles and fat tissues are removed from the eyelid and then tightening the muscles of the lower eyelid is done in such a way that both the eyes come in symmetry.

Having done Blepharoplasty, the actor of Victoria has achieved a good symmetry of his eyes giving an awesome look in his face. After all, what does a follower expect from his favorite celebrity? Good skill along with a good looking face, which I guess Rufus owns.

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