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Who’s not familiar about the famous American celebrity of today, Rose Rollins? The hot and sexy Rollins is currently known for her role as Valerie Anderson in the Crime Drama Series THE CATCH which is aired on ABC. Also known as Detective Kizmin Rider in her another Crime Drama Series BOSCH, Rollins had started her career through THE WEST WING in 1999.

Who wouldn’t want to know about her personal life? Let us see what she is doing now, whom she is dating, whom she is married to or divorced and her current boyfriend’s name and also about her pregnancy and children.

Rose Rollins married, husband, children, pregnant

The gorgeous detective seems to be expecting a baby currently. This gives a shocking expression to those who still think that Rose Rollins is single. Well, there’s nothing to get surprised if I say that Rollins is not yet married because there has never been any news update of Rollins getting married yet. Then the leftover suspense is ‘who’s the baby’s Daddy then?’

Well, this is not an easy thing to find out from a person who is very confidential on her social sites or the media. But our media friends seem to be cleverer enough to dig out the name of the baby’s daddy from Rose.

Beautiful Rose Rollins expected first child as son during her her firs pregnancy

Rose Rollins pregnant with secret Daddy

Source: People

Well not keeping the suspense anymore, we reveal the name of Rollins’ boyfriend. The ‘to be daddy’s name is Sebastian and he hails from Australia. The couple is not yet married and they currently are living together in LA.

Rose Rollins Husband, Divorce, son

Well, the never married Rollins never had any husband or any children before. There is no point in her getting divorced when no marriage occurred at all. Currently, she has been dating her boyfriend Sebastian and there is no news as such of when they are getting married or if they are planning ever to get married. But at present, the couple seems to be happily unmarried still enjoying their dating life.

Sebastian is not of any celebrity or is ever seen on TV or media. So, digging up regarding his personal life is not easy either.

According to Rollins who had faced an interview recently, the couple was expecting a daughter as both of them felt the need of a female in the family. Both Sebastian and Rose are having more brothers as compared to sisters in their family. Sebastian has three brothers and Rollins has five.

But, the expected to be child seems to be a male baby. Since the couples were expecting a daughter, they had to shift up their mind on knowing that the upcoming baby is a son.

Recently seen on the cover of a magazine with her baby bump, Rose seems to be very concerned about her upcoming son. She does everything to stay healthy including healthy food, exercise, and diet. Besides being ready to welcome the son, she also seems to be ready to face the labor experience.

Although Rollins wants to keep things private, she has herself revealed that she along with her boyfriend has already thought of a name of their upcoming son (keeping the name a secret though). Well, it seems it is not only her who is excited about the pregnancy; her boyfriend seems equally ready to accept the challenge of starting a new family.

Even though the news of pregnancy had come up among the public a long time ago, Rose had told that her delivery date was in May 2017 which was expected three days after her birthday; there is no news flash of her delivery yet in the news as well as social sites.

Short Bio

Born on 30th of April 1978, Rollins is currently 36 years old. Born in Berkeley, California, U.S, Rose had moved to New York in order to pursue with her then job as a model. She later moved to LA where she started her career as an actor. Active since 1999, today, Rollins has acted in many television shows and movies ever since then. Currently, she’s working on her television crime drama series THE CATCH. Her dedication towards her work has made her $1.3 -million-worth today.

Beautiful Rose Rollins in TV series 'The Catch'

The Catch’s star Rose Rollins

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Hope we come soon with an update about her family life, her husband or boyfriend’s detail and also about her little prince. May be after few years we see the couple together with some more children too. After all how long can a celebrity keep herself private from her fans?

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